The Top 7 Non-Ride/Non-Attraction/Non-Restaurant Things to Do in the Parks


It is easy to forget that you can go into one of the theme parks and not ride a single ride, stand in line for a single attraction or to set foot into a restaurant and still have a GREAT time. Impossible, you say? Here is our list of the top activities guests can do in the parks that doesn’t involve riding a ride, eating a meal, or attending an attraction.

7. Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom – this part-scavenger hunt, part-card collecting game is located in all lands of the Magic Kingdom, except Tomorrowland. Guests are urged by Merlin to join the fight against various Disney villains who are trying to take control of the Magic Kingdom. Participants can register to play either at the Fire House in the Town Square or at a special kiosk located in Liberty Square. Players will be given a map to the portal locations spread throughout the Magic Kingdom, as well as three spell cards. Players use these cards to battle the villains at the various portals throughout the park. We really love this experience because you can play as much or as little as you like before taking a break and you can pick up your progress on your next trip to the parks. It also doesn’t interfere with touring around the parks so it is a great “extra” activity to do!

6. A Pirate’s Adventure – similar to Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom, a Pirate’s Adventure is an interactive experience where guests assist Captain Jack Sparrow gather treasure that has been spread throughout Adventureland. Obviously, this experience is located to just Adventureland and it only has five stops, so it takes a smaller amount of time to complete, but we enjoy being able to explore Adventureland more closely to find the locations of the treasure!

5. PinQuest – the last activity at the Magic Kingdom, and also the only activity that costs guests money. PinQuest is a new experience that takes guests on a scavenger hunt throughout the entire park. The experience requires guests to search for clues to answer questions at each clue location. Once the clue is solved, guests receive a pin that help direct them to the next clue location. This experience is a limited-time event currently, so be sure to check it out while it lasts. The cost for the entire experience will cost about $80 – $15 for the Decoder Pin and $10 for each clue (6 clues total) and $5 for the CompletEAR pin at the end of the hunt! For those of you who enjoy pin collecting, this experience may be fore you!

4. Wilderness Explorers – located at the Animal Kingdom, this experience is geared towards younger guests who want to learn more about the environment. Participants can grab a guidebook once they enter the park. There are 30 kiosks throughout the park where players will learn about animals and ecology before receiving a stamp indicating completion of the task! Our family has never tried this experience, but always see plenty of happy kids walking around with their guidebooks and badges!

3. Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure – guests help Agent P solve a variety of puzzles at different World Showcase locations. You can use your own cell phone or get a cell phone from one of the sign-up locations located at the entrance to World Showcase from Future World, the Norway Pavilion, or at the entrance to World Showcase from the International Gateway – just look for the Cast Members in a turquoise shirt! You can select which pavilion you want to participate in your adventure, but don’t be surprised if you want to do another pavilion after completing your first!

2. Kidcot Stations – each pavilion in Epcot has a different Kidcot station where younger children can color and craft, as well as learn about the culture of the countries they are visiting. It can be a little like a scavenger hunt to find the different Kidcot stations, but they are located on the park map, so be sure to consult it if you are having trouble finding them!

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1. Special Event Scavenger Hunts – during the annual Food and Wine and Flower and Garden Festivals, Epcot has been staging scavenger hunts to entertain younger guests as they tour around the World Showcase, but many adults join in on the fun too! During last year’s Food and Wine Festival, guests were tasked with finding Remy from Ratatouille hidden somewhere in each country’s pavilion. Some were easier to find than others, but at the end, guests who purchased a map and returned the completed copy to participating locations, were given a limited-edition pin. During Flower and Garden, Epcot has been hiding various character Easter eggs in each of the pavilions. Similarly, guests who purchased the map and returned the completed copy were gifted specialty Easter eggs with classic characters as a prize. Each scavenger hunt only costs about $8, so it is definitely worth the investment for the fun!

The next time that you are at the park and want a whole new experience, try one of these for some guaranteed fun! We enjoy all of these activities because we are able to accomplish them and have a great time in the parks doing other things! Have you done any of these activities? Which is your favorite?

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