TikTokers Attack Family for “Dangerous” Theme Park “Hack”

Theme Park ride height hack
Credit: @The.Kelly.Fam

It’s a tale probably as old as the first family to go to Disneyland. Every pair of parents has to ask themselves at some point, “what are we going to do if our kids are too short for the attraction?”


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Almost every popular thrill ride at every amusement Park around the world, including those at the Disneyland Resort and the Walt Disney World Resort, have a height requirement. From Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Magic Kingdom Park, to Kali River Rapids and Expedition Everest at the Disneys Animal Kingdom, from the Indiana Jones Adventure at Disneyland Park to the Incredicoaster at Disney California Adventure Park, height requirements are a safety protocol to make sure that the passengers properly fit beneath restraints as well as a normal part of growing up.

space mountain magic kingdom

Cell phones and cameras are no longer allowed on Space Mountain in the Magic Kingdom. Courtesy of Disney

Most level-headed parents would probably admit defeat and play it safe. But many a mom and dad have also probably bragged with friends about how they somehow got their little sons or daughters to suddenly grow an extra few centimeters–or inches–to gain the ride operator’s blessing.

Now, those sketchy stories of how they got away with it were always shared in private and to pre-vetted friends who would be okay hearing stories about child endangerment. But, one Disney dad decided to share his “ride hack” on the internet, which his viewers labeled “child endangerment” and were not happy about it at all.

Family vloggers known as The Kelly Fam (@the.kelly.fam) shared their “Theme Park Hack” for getting their son Kannon on big Disney rides by creating extra-tall shoes.

“We didn’t want that to stop him from feeling the rush, so we took matters into our own hands and crafted a shoe that just might do the trick,” he explained. “With the help of towering heels, extra flip-flop bottoms, and some gorilla glue, we’ve possibly discovered the ultimate Theme Park hack.”

Check it out:

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One person chirped, “Did you not know the height restrictions are for safety or did you not care?”

“Why not wait if something happened wouldn’t you just feel awful? It’s your kid,” another person wrote. “I couldn’t imagine doing this with my kid.”

TikTok Comments

Credit: @the.kelly.fam

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The parents fired back at all their comments, telling people to “get off your high horse,” ensuring that their son was perfectly fine.

“Hahah if only y’all were this serious and passionate about real issues in the world,” the posters also added.

While this reporter can’t deny that this is an ultimate Disney Dad move–and highly doubts that he is the first dad to every attempt to basically give his son elevator shoes–, comments from overzealous strangers who think they know better are an internet guarantee.

It is unclear, though, whether or not Disney Cast Members will be specifically looking for tricks like this more closely going forward.

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