Fans Call Out “Bullying” of Hispanic Men at Disney Parks

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A Disney Park fan recently shared their frustration with the non-consensual recording, and bullying, of Hispanic men at Disney Parks.

Going to a Disney Park is certainly an experience to be treasured. When Guests from all over the world head to a Theme Park, they expect to have a magical time, especially so when they head to “The Happiest Place on Earth” in Southern California. However, recently, one fan brought a disturbing reality to light, questioning the conduct of some fans at the Disneyland Resort—an unfortunate truth of bad behavior of Disney Guests at the Anaheim Disney Resort.

disneyland resort pixar pier

Pixar Pier, Disney California Adventure Park/Courtesy of Disney

The latest reports of Guest behavior come from online bullying, however. Reddit user and Disney fan u/keeksthesneaks shared their frustrations on the social media platform,

There’s a whole tik tok page dedicated to recording Hispanic men at Disney. It makes me so mad that consent means nothing to people. Everyone is so worried about the government spying on them when they should really be worried about the everyday citizen. I can’t imagine scrolling through my feed only to see a video of myself being made fun of, which is a growing reality for a lot of people! It’s terrifying.

The Guest continued that they had reported the account but they were incredibly upset at the situation. They ended their post with the question, “Do you think anything can be done about these sort of people at Disney?”
disneyland cast members

Disneyland Resort Cast Members/Courtesy of Disneyland

Commenters were divided on their response to the OP. One fellow Disney fan shared that the OP had bought into TikTok’s business platform and “made it worse.” They suggested the OP stay off TikTok: “Every time you log on, you are giving the video creator and the company more money, regardless of whether or not you like it. Sharing links makes it even worse.”

Yet another commenter shared they weren’t sure that Disney could do anything about the situation “unless you show them a bullying video, and point out and prove without a doubt the Tik Tok’er who made it.”

Disneyland Park Castle

Disney characters in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle, Disneyland Park/ Courtesy of Disney

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The commenter concluded,

i would definitely check with the Town Hall people to see what can be done about it in-park but i think their hands a pretty much tied unless the person or persons in question are caught in the act of doing it in the park.

It’s certainly a shame that Disney Guests don’t seem to have a space safe enough to have a wonderful time especially when there are particular online accounts dedicated seemingly to mocking one particular subset of Disney Guests.

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