TikToker Accidentally Exposes Pass Renting “Hack,” Disney Resort Takes Action

Hong Kong Disneyland Annual Pass Abuse
Credit: Disney

Once again, a social media influencer has said too much in a video and now scores of Disney Park regulars could face serious consequences due to their involvement in ticket fraud.

Over the past decade or so, Cast Members at the Disneyland Resort and the Walt Disney World Resort have taken extensive measures to ensure that the only person who can use a Theme Park Ticket or Annual Pass is the person who purchased it. However, The Walt Disney Company does not have full control over all of its Theme Parks and Resorts around the world, leaving other places vulnerable to continued fraudulent actions. With that, enter Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.

hk disneyland mickey mouse friends

Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters at Hong Kong Disneyland/Courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

According to the South China Morning Post, Hong Kong Disneyland is seeking police intervention after a TikTok influencer admitted to renting an Annual Pass–called Magic Access Pass–on his last visit:

“Online discussions were sparked after a video clip went viral on Douyin, the mainland Chinese version of social media platform Tik Tok, on Tuesday featuring a mainland influencer touting his experience of enjoying the Disneyland resort in the city for only HK$100 (US$12.74) by renting a Magic Access concessionary pass from its holder.”

While much of the comments reportedly vilified the vlogger, several also admitted that pass renting is very much a thing that many Passholders are doing as the autonomous archipelago appears to finally emerge from the covid-justified lockdowns and travel restrictions.

Hong Kong Disneyland Magic Access Passes

The South China Morning Post reportedly found over 20 Magic Access Passes on a local retail platform called Carousell, offering would-be Disneyland Guests a ticket for HK$100 a day. But with a HK$500 refundable deposit to borrow the Annual Pass card and an additional HK$50 per rental, the total upfront costs come close to the price of a real Theme Park Ticket (HK$639 on weekdays, HK$699 on weekends, and HK$759 on public holidays).

The rental offerings also come with a list of other appearance-based requirements, including gender, glasses, hairstyle, and age range.

“They won’t check [your identity]. They will just glance at you – just walk in confidently and you’ll be fine,” one renter offering up to two cards for women aged 16 to 25 told a reporter posing as a potential buyer. “I would say they will glance at the card, and then glance at you.”

“[I’ve rented the card] six times, all successfully. If you’re really afraid and don’t mind, you could send me your hairstyle for a check. I will judge [the similarity] afterwards,” said another renter offering a membership card to men in their twenties.

Hong Kong Disneyland Reacts to Magic Access Renters

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

Credit: Disney

Now aware of this, it is likely that the gatekeepers guarding the turnstiles will get more serious about their work.

Hong Kong Disneyland said that staff can turn away Guests if they cannot verify the ticket user’s identity. They also reiterated that Passholders can have their passes revoked if the Theme Park discovers unlawful use of the pass, and promised legal action if necessary.

“Hong Kong Disneyland will handle such abuses very seriously and will contact the law enforcement authorities if there is any suspected case of fraud or illegal conduct,” the Resort declared in a statement.

Police declined to comment if they received any reports concerning this problem from the Theme Park. A spokesperson from Carousell stated that it “was not in a position to enforce third-party agreements” between Passholders and Hong Kong Disneyland, but said that “reports of potentially illegal transactions would be reviewed within 24 hours with investigation” and possible further action taking place thereafter.

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