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Is This Magic Kingdom Attraction is the “Worst?” Fans Have Opinions

Disney fans are passionate and opinionated, and these two qualities came to the front when some fans seemingly got into an argument about one Magic Kingdom attraction being “the worst” for a very particular reason.

The Magic Kingdom, one of Walt Disney World Resort’s four Theme Parks, is renowned for providing the ultimate Disney experience to fans. Home to some fan favorites like Space Mountain, the beloved Cinderella Castle, the upcoming TRON Lightcycle Run, and more, Magic Kingdom Park is known to be a must-visit for all Disney Fanatics. However, sometimes there are attractions that don’t quite serve the purpose they intended to, and of course, Disney Guests will make their thoughts known!

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Magic Kingdom

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse at the Magic Kingdom/Courtesy of Disney

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While Walt Disney Imagineering designs a ride or attraction, their foremost concern is Guests’ entertainment at the Parks. However, sometimes Guests can appropriate these creations for their own purposes. Most recently, it appears that is for sleeping! And while the discussion appears like it should have remained tame, Guests did get into an argument about it.

The discussion that prompted the argument was begun by Reddit user u/Reaushambeaux. The OP shared on the social media platform,

Favorite Ride/Attraction to Power Nap

Let’s face it. A Disney Day can be exhausting, hot, and humid. Sometimes your energy is just overall tapped. So I wanted to ask others cause we all have that one place we like to just sit down and close our eyes in Air Conditioning.

Magic Kingdom has Carousel of Progress and Hall of Presidents.

Epcot has American Adventure.

So where do you wind up if not in your Hotel Room?

tom sawyer island mk

Tom Sawyer Island, Magic Kingdom/Courtesy of Disney

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Fellow Guests and fans in the comments also added their own suggestions. These ranged from Spaceship Earth and Living with the Land at EPCOT, to the People Mover, it’s a small world, and even the Hall of Presidents.

However, during this discussion, one commenter suggested Tom Sawyer Island provided it wasn’t the summer, and some fans appeared to not take kindly to the suggestion. u/Brain__Resin began their comment by calling this commenter “crazy.” They went on to say ” Tom Sawyers Island is like the worst and stuff.”

However, as the user continued, it became apparent that the user was being ironic in their opinion and, in fact, were strongly recommending Tom Sawyer Island to get away from crowds, catch a power nap, and even watch the parades without the surrounding crowds! They even made it clear the attraction was their favorite at Magic Kingdom Park.

cinderella castle mk 50th

Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom/Courtesy of Disney

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It turns out all is well that ends well with this and an argument was averted. It does bear mentioning that at the time of writing this article, there were hardly any mentions of rides from Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park or from the Disney Park, Disney’s Hollywood Studios to get the perfect power nap.

Tom Sawyer Island is also found at Disneyland Resort. Per Disney, Guests can enjoy this “secret rustic hideaway inspired by the stories of Mark Twain.” Walt Disney World Resort Guests can also enjoy a ride aboard the “majestic, Colonial-era Liberty Belle riverboat and enjoy a relaxing half-mile tour around Tom Sawyer Island.”

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