Top 5 Iconic Disney Experiences

Castle Balloons
Castle Balloons

The minute you drive onto Disney property, it’s as if an electric charge of excitement shoots up your spine! This is just the beginning of your Disney vacation; an escape from the real world where you pack school lunches, go to work, clean house, pay taxes, etc… For the next few days, you’re only one thing – a Disney Fanatic!!! You’ll have wonderful experiences with family and friends and make memories that’ll last a lifetime. Here are a few experiences we look forward to when vacationing at Disney:

5. The first moment you walk through the gates of Magic Kingdom

The minute you’re ushered into this wonderland of Main St. USA, your senses are overwhelmed by the sights, sounds and smells of all things Disney! You’ll hear the train whistle overhead as you walk under the train platform, enjoy the music of a parade that is circling the town square. You soak in the overall beauty of this journey back into one of the golden ages of American charm when every town had a main street lined with restaurants, mom and pop shops, a bakery, a barber shop and more. Disney takes all the best of classic Americana and rolls it up into one big welcome mat that ushers us into the Magic Kingdom.

4. Your first glimpse of a Disney character

Goofy, Donald, Pluto, Chip and Dale, Mickey… the minute you enter the town square, you’ll see a beloved Disney character smiling, waving, taking pictures with fans and signing autographs. These lovable individuals provide the first healthy dash of pixie dust – that magical feeling of being at Disney. They seem larger-than-life and full of color and energy. The look on each child’s face when a character turns and beckons them over for a visit is priceless!

3. The moment you see Cinderella’s Castle

Every time I see it, I get a lump in my throat. Corny I know but Cinderella’s Castle is more than just a building, it’s our Disney home. The towering spires, gothic windows, turrets… this amazing structure captures our imagination and presides over all the pageantry of Magic Kingdom. We’ve grown up watching Disney movies on TV and the big screen. The stories and characters are uniquely personal but intangible somehow. Walking up Main St. to the Disney Castle, make-believe becomes reality and suddenly we are all children, participating in the rags-to-riches, happily-ever-after stories from Disney. Here, more than any other place, we are reminded that dreams can become reality indeed as evidenced by the imagination, planning and culmination of Walt Disney’s designs for this magical place.

2. The first bite of your favorite Disney food

The food at Disney is impeccable and it’s not just because of the overall atmosphere. Every detail, every taste, every swallow is delicious whether you’re gnoshing on food from the buffet at the Crystal Palace restaurant with Winnie the Pooh and friends or downing a bucket of popcorn from an outside vendor. Disney is all about immersing every part of yourself in the experience. Try some new snacks at Disney the next time you go, or if you’re planning your first trip, read a few articles we’ve recommended below of some of our favorite restaurants or snack foods. Disney is delicious!

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1. The first few moments on your favorite Disney ride

Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Teacups, Spaceship Earth – that first ride is especially magical. At this moment, you’ve truly begun your vacation and joined the ranks of other park goers in the revelry and fun. You’ve become part of the action.

Disney is truly an immersive experience; a feast for all the senses. Make a point to indulge in the beauty of the parks, the pageantry of a parade, the thrill of the rides, the tastes of the incomparable treats and meals available, the sounds of Disney tunes and squeals of laughter from kids as they see their favorite characters. Our favorite mermaid Ariel sang “Watch and you’ll see, one day I’ll be… part of your world!” That pretty much sums up how we all feel when we’re not at Disneyland or Disney World “Watch and you’ll see, one day I’ll be – at Disney World!” Hopefully, you’ll get to go again soon, but at least for the few moments it took you to read this article, you captured just a bit of that magic.

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Princess Castle photo courtesy of Disney Photo Snapper

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