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Top 8 Rides and Experiences You'll Love In Magic Kingdom's Liberty Square and Frontierland

Haunted Mansion _

4. Haunted Mansion

While making your rounds through Liberty Square be sure to pop in at the Haunted Mansion for a ghoulishly good time.  This creepy classic beckons visitors in for what may well end up becoming a permanent stay within the walls of an old haunted estate. You will experience spine-tingling effects from the moment you enter the round room portrait gallery (that appears to expand before your very eyes) as well as throughout the whole terrifying tour. Guests board their own doom buggy cars for an ascending ride through the gruesome mansion, surpassing halls, walls, and loads of paranormal happenings along the way. Then you will descend into the ranks of the spirit world into the chilling and thrilling Happy Haunting Grounds below. Here your grim and ghastly interactions with ghosts and ghouls become even livelier—or as lively as you can expect from those who are dead. The overall details in this attraction (subtle and otherwise) are absolutely stunning, including the queue features sure to keep you from being bored to “death” while in line. There’s no other attraction quite like this one. So if you’re “dying” for a good time you can’t pass this one up.

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