Top Must-Do’s at Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park

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Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park is undoubtedly one of the coolest waterparks you’ll ever explore. And we mean that literally, with its melted ski resort motif and accompanying themed attractions, which far exceed the standards of your typical run-of-the-mill waterpark. With available patio and umbrella rentals, onsite dining options, not to mention the obvious myriad diversions all about, you may want to spend the whole day here, taking in the numerous experiences to be had. To help you along with your decision, here are 11 must-dos to add onto your list of pursuits while visiting Blizzard Beach.

11. Ride the Chairlift

In keeping with the authentic ski resort feel Blizzard Beach was modeled after, the park even features chairlifts, which move along a wire at a smooth ascent up to the top of none other than the impressive Mount Gushmore—a 90-foot hill and structure that serves as the access point to three of the park’s most raved about attractions. While the chairlift is one of the slower-paced attractions you’ll find here, this gentle and serene ride remains an absolute must. Take in the scenic views all about under the comfort and shade of colorful umbrella canopies. This experience can be enjoyed as a leisurely pursuit on its own, or it can serve as a quicker access point for various attractions, as we previously mentioned. Do note that all riders must be at least 32 inches in height and those shorter than 48 inches must be accompanied by an adult age 18 or over. There is also an alternate stairway option to access Mount Gushmore for smaller guests as well as a waterway gondola system for those with physical restrictions and limitations.

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10. Pursuits for the Kiddos

Getting back to the idea of catering to the needs of smaller park visitors, one thing that’s first and foremost on the mind of any parent is seeing that there is plenty to do for all ages in the clan. Fortunately, Blizzard Beach delivers highly in that regard with various kid-designated areas. For the littlest guests 48 inches and smaller there’s Tike’s Peak. Here they can discover such ventures as slides, miniature tubing experiences, and plenty of more docile pursuits. For bigger kids and tweens there’s Ski Patrol Training Camp—a wonderful winter-themed play area laden with various activities, such as zip lines, obstacle courses, tubing, slides, and more.

9. Cross Country Creek

When you need a little low-key respite from all the wild watery action about the park, Cross Country Creek is the place you may want to head to. Just grab a tube (available at seven different landings along the route) and get ready to float along a docile lazy river, spanning 3,000 feet and laden with plenty of “polaresque” pleasantries. Paddle along through caves, grottoes, shady forestry and more, in a serene and tranquil tropical yet icy paradise.

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8. Melt Away Bay

This is another spot perfect to unwind and relax at. Themed for having been formed from the runoff of surrounding Mount Gushmore’s cascading waterfalls, this fun-for-all heated wave pool is great for splashing around, jumping waves, or just floating around in an inner tube at your leisure. Melt Away Bay spans an impressive acre of arctic fun of all kinds, and with surrounding white sandy beaches to boot, it makes for the “coolest” beach day ever, in more ways than one. 

7. Teamboat Springs

Get ready for the ultimate arctic adventure in wintery waters with Teamboat Springs—one of the world’s longest-spanning whitewater rafting slide pursuits. Gather along your group of up to six members into an oversized inner tube and set out on a massively wide 1,200-foot water slide, with all the works. From twists and turns to drenching sprays, expect to get wet in a climaxing plunge through the unpredictable rapids.

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6. Runoff Rapids

It’s third times the charm with this wildly wonderful water slide trio. As the theme has it, the Runoff Rapids are propelled by the runoff from Mount Gushmore, flowing down as three distinctly unique flowing follies. All offer their own one-of-a-kind high-speed adventure, rushing riders down a 600-foot zenith to a refreshing splash at the bottom.

5. Downhill Double Dipper

This high-speed slide duo provides the makings for the ultimate one-on-one friendly race-to-the-finish line with fellow members of your party. You and your contender each take a slide—each one a perfect reflection of the other—get your tubes ready, and then retractable gates will open, releasing you both down a 50-foot plummet to see who can make it to the finish line first.

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4. Toboggan Racers

If you’re up for even more racing then you have to check out this headfirst-facing folly. Toboggan Racers positions you and fellow riders within eight different lanes of the ultimate slalom-style water slide, facing forward as you settle onto your water mat and then take off down a compelling 250-foot slope laden with various dips, hills, and climatic thrills.

3. Snow Stormers

Continue on with the forward-facing fun with this set of three winding slides. Offering up zigzagging twists, turns, and high-speed thrills, each of these snow-capped plumes, originating from Mount Gushmore, offers an impressive 350 feet of sliding that’s so supreme, it has an overall “snowball” effect as far as fun goes.

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2. Slush Gusher

This ultimate thrill-through-thawed ice slide down will definitely grab your attention. With its impressive 90 feet, two rolling hills, and high-reaching speeds that are even guaranteed to produce moments of airtime lifting, you wouldn’t dare pass on such an opportunity. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. The real challenge comes with Slush Gusher’s more intense big brother—Summit Plummet.

1. Summit Plummet

So at last you’ve taken on all the park paramounts and even declared victory in your successful conquest over Slush Gusher. Now you’re ready for what’s been hailed as the uncontested, most extreme attraction to be found at Blizzard Beach—Summit Plummet. Stretching up to an imposing 12 stories up in the air, this high-speed water slide plunges the park’s most fearless at a nearly vertical drop at the fastest speeds documented in any other Disney World attraction to date. The free-fall drop is also accompanied by a 360-foot long descent along with zips through a darkened tunnel, and the ultimate splash down into roaring whitewater below.

Credit: Disney

As you can see in all that we’ve covered, Blizzard Beach is a very “cool” place to come to when visiting Walt Disney World Resort. It’s any waterpark enthusiast’s dream come true, and even though we already expect great things from Disney, it still exceeds any expectations you might have had. Where else can you brave all arctic awesomeness in the sunny state of Florida? 

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