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It’s GONE. Iconic Disney Landmark Has Been Demolished

Images Credit: @AshleyLCarter1 / Clipart

Driving into Walt Disney World Resort is a magical experience all in itself! The iconic Walt Disney World arches and directional signs along the way get those butterflies of excitement fluttering. But, sadly, an iconic billboard is now GONE.

We previously shared the news that it was being reported that the iconic Tower of Terror billboard on World Drive was being removed. The billboard was an advertisement for the beloved Twilight Zone Tower of Terror attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Tower of Terror Billboard
Credit: Inside the Magic

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The billboard wasn’t your typical rectangle board but looked like a tower and featured terrified Guests within the ride elevator that moved and shook.

@AshleyLCarter1 took to social media to post an updated photo of the now demolished billboard location on July 14, 2022. Carter goes on to report that landscaping will be replacing the tower:

@Frankytheshorty posted a video as he drove by the construction site, with the note, “Rip tower of terror display”:

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Not only has Disney now removed the Tower of Terror sign, but other landmark casualties included an “It’s Tough to be a Bug” board with a stink bug releasing gas to feature the attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park.

It seems like we’ve seen so much demolition recently at Walt Disney World Resort. We’ve watched the Spirit of Aloha dinner show at Disney’s Polynesian Resort be demolished to make way for a new Polynesian Tower. We’ve also seen the dismantling of EPSN Club restaurant at Disney’s Boardwalk to make way for a new restaurant.

We aren’t sure why Disney decided to demolish the seemingly harmless beloved Tower of Terror billboard to make way for landscaping. We’ll now only have photos to return to remember the fun icon on World Drive.

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