Video: Guest Skips Seat Belt, Hits Ceiling in Free Fall on Tower of Terror

Tower Of Terror
Credit: Disney Photo Snapper

Over its 50+ year tenure, The Walt Disney World Resort has continued to improve its implementation and enforcement of Guest safety onboard its attractions. One such example of the evolution can be found on Splash Mountain, as simple handlebars were eventually replaced with an adjustable lap bar. Still, it appears that some Guests still find a way around the safety features, giving Guests and fans more reason to take safety precautions seriously.

Tower of Terror Ghosts

One such Guest incident that recently resurfaced happened while onboard The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Park at The Walt Disney World Resort. Video shows that one rider was able to fake his seatbelt check in order to experience the dropping sensation resistance free. Tower of Terror is known to drop its passengers faster than the speed of gravity. But the daredevil antics resulted in damages to not just the Guest but also the ride itself.

Check it out:

While the video is shaky and appears to go in and out due to the dark ride’s normal ambiance, we can clearly see this Guest being lifted high out of his seat as the ride vehicle drops below him. And in the dark, you can hear him admit that he crashed into the ceiling.

While their in-ride photo does not necessarily show the extent of the air this Guest got, on-board cameras did notice he was not wearing his seatbelt, causing the ride to stop early.

A Cast Member weighed in on the matter in the YouTube comments, saying, in part, “I’ll tell you guys right now that we don’t have those rules about wearing seat belts and remaining in your seats at all times because we’re jerks. It’s for not only your safety but for the safety of your fellow riders and cast members.”

Tower of Terror

Credit: Disney

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The Guests were kicked off the Tower of Terror, but it is unclear if their antics warranted being kicked out of the entire Disney Park.

This video’s resurfacing follows several other more recent stories involving rebellious Guests, such as the ones who insisted on putting their hands in the water on “it’s a small world.”

We at Disney Fanatic want to remind our readers that we do not condone such actions and share these stories to show what can happen when Disney Park Rules are broken.

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