Twitter Erupts With Cast Suggestions for the Unsung Heroes of Live-Action ‘Hercules’ Film

Muses Hercules Vases
Credit: Disney

Who puts the “glad” in gladiator? Hercules may have been the people’s hero, but the true stars of the 1997 animated Disney film were the sirens who won over Disney fans.

While Rob Marshall’s live-action remake of The Little Mermaid has dominated the media, news of another Disney cult classic film in the works has fans buzzing. Not only will the reimagined cult classic Hercules hit the big screen soon, but The Little Mermaid’s musical master, Alan Menken, was also behind the original film’s break-out sheroes.

Breaking Muse News

Disney enthusiasts are well-acquainted with Alan Menken’s “Part of Your World” and “Poor Unfortunate Souls” with The Little Mermaid’s $300 million at the box office and climbing. But some of the catchiest tunes to ever land on Disney fans’ ears have come from the magical muses from Hercules.

With head-bopping hits like “Zero to Hero,” “A Star is Born,” and the soulful “Gospel Truth,” the muses shaped the hero’s story with stunning vocals and vibrant visuals. With quips and wordplay galore, the witty women who ushered the fan-favorite film’s plot are rising to the top of Twitter while fans speculate which leading women will portray them.

Muses Hercules

Credit: Disney

The original Hercules film featured the following vivacious vocalists representing the daughters of Zeus and Titaness Mnemosyne in Greek mythology:

  • Calliope: The choir’s lead and voiced by Lilias White, she was the muse of epic poetry.
  • Clio: With a tiny ponytail and scroll to match, Vanéese Y. Thomas voiced the muse of history.
  • Thalia: The shortest trumpet-playing muse of comedy was voiced by Roz Ryan.
  • Terpsichore: Donning Bantu knots and loose curls and voiced by LaChanze, she was the muse of dance.
  • Melpomene: Carrying a frowning mask and voiced by Cheryl Freeman, she was the muse of tragedy.

The five dynamic muses create an opportunity for Disney to cast a gospel choir for the Gods, and the unofficial casting directors of Twitter cranked out suggestions in no time flat.

Who’s the Muse?

While fans have been quick to throw break-out Little Mermaid star Jessica Alexander, Dynasty’s Elizabeth Gillies, and even Ariana Grande into the ring as Megara contenders, an overwhelming crowd has priorities for the principals of the Hercules plot: the muses.

Powerhouse singers have been proposed by Disney fans like ​​@BruhGoutokuji, who suggested the Grammy-winning singer Lizzo play Thalia:

​​so apparently there’s a live action hercules and the cast hasn’t been casted yet

she is the ONLY woman who can play her

With a more comprehensive casting roster, @ComplexCut shared its picks for the Muses, featuring Jennifer Hudson as Calliope and Amber Riley as Thalia:

​​Once again, IN THE CUT is here with our selection for THE MUSES of #Hercules- the only casting that matters. Also, give them more songs. They were the movie. Here are our choices.

In another Little Mermaid crossover, fans like @HAZYBANKZ made the ultimate suggestion for Halle and Chlöe Bailey to slap their stunning faces on a Grecian vase:

Lowkey need Chloe and Halle as 2 of the muses…

With so many suggestions for the dream-girl muse cast, it will be one of the most anticipated Disney casting decisions in a long time. It also comes with the added pressure of the boundary-breaking moves Disney has made casting recent live-action remakes, including Bailey’s role as Ariel in The Little Mermaid.

In the meantime, one thing’s for sure: the Hercules Twitter casting directors are amusing.

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