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Halle Bailey Thanks Fans For Supporting Her Amid Pregnancy Speculation

Halle Bailey as Disney Mermaid

After a year filled with massive successes, unnecessary scrutiny, and speculation, Halle Bailey knows who she is most thankful for: the fans. While The Little Mermaid (2023) didn’t hit the same heights as other Disney live-action remakes, it is still one of the highest-grossing movies of the year, currently standing at seventh place in the international box office, right between Mission Impossible ...

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Rachel Zegler and Halle Bailey Abruptly Speak Out After Multiple Disney Boycotts

Rachel Zegler and Halle Bailey

It seems like two of Disney’s most controversial actresses are teaming up in a very unlikely way. Disney has been getting hit hard lately in the entertainment department after their financial goals have not been met, film after film. In 2023, the Walt Disney Company marked its centenary, anticipating a celebratory year with several high-profile projects poised to make a ...

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‘Little Mermaid’ Halle Bailey Goes Viral in Fight With Fan

Little Mermaid Halle Bailey

Disney princess Halle Bailey, known for her role as Ariel in the live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid, recently made headlines with her candid responses to criticism. The original animated version of The Little Mermaid from 1989 holds a special place in cinematic history, with its enchanting narrative and memorable songs like “Under the Sea” and “Part of Your World.” ...

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Halle Bailey Finally Answers THE Burning Question About Ariel’s New Hair

ariel little mermaid halle bailey

Now that the new Little Mermaid movie craze is over — even though debates about the rap song sung by Awkwafina and debates about the new Ariel Meet and Greet in Disney World continue to thrive online — there is just one major question left for the actress playing the new version of Ariel! Halle Bailey became a household name after her ...

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Fans Complain After Disney Erases Ariel’s Iconic Dress

ariel and prince eric in the little mermaid

Before the new Little Mermaid film made its debut in theaters on Memorial Day weekend, actress Halle Bailey was met with a lot of racist hate from audience members — and even though she and Disney proved the “pathetic” racist haters wrong with a staggering amount of success at the box office, Disney fans have just found something new to complain about ...

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Mermaid vs Superhero: Fans Call Out Audiences’ Hypocrisy After Ezra Miller Returns

ezra miller and halle bailey in the role of ariel

Unfortunately, Disney and Marvel fans will not be shocked to hear about an A-list actor committing crimes or being accused of terrible behaviors. A Return From Disgrace We have already seen several high-profile Marvel or DC stars being accused of crimes, with tremendous career-altering backlash as a result, but one Hollywood star is making their return to theaters after a ...

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“This Is Inclusion, Not Erasure” Modern Ariel Meets an Adorable “Ariel” in Disney Park

Little Ariel Meet-and-Greet

Not a moment after the reimagined version of The Little Mermaid hit worldwide theaters, Disney Parks around the globe introduced the modern Ariel to the Parks. With over two-hour queues to see Halle Bailey’s likeness in Ariel at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and Disneyland Paris, the initial reception was promising for the newest princess on the block. Despite some lukewarm ...

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Keke Palmer Slams Racist Trolls for Criticizing Ariel: “You Do Know She’s Friends With a Talking Crab” 

Keke Palmer

Even with rave reviews, the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid can’t quite seem to swim away from racial backlash.  From the time the trailer sneak peek of the reimagined Disney classic premiered, it inspired wide-eyed young girls who finally saw a princess they could relate to, but it equally lit a fire in fans who didn’t want to see ...

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Marvel Superhero or Mermaid? The Insane Workouts Halle Bailey Did to Perfect Her Iconic Hair Flip

Halle Training Ariel

By now, The Little Mermaid star’s back might hurt from carrying the box office, but there’s no way her neck is flinching with the insane workouts she did to prep for her role. Disney fans have finally gotten to feast their eyes on the aquatic masterpiece the cast and crew accomplished in Disney’s live-action remake of The Little Mermaid. With graceful mermaids ...

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Twitter Erupts With Cast Suggestions for the Unsung Heroes of Live-Action ‘Hercules’ Film

Muses Hercules Vases

Who puts the “glad” in gladiator? Hercules may have been the people’s hero, but the true stars of the 1997 animated Disney film were the sirens who won over Disney fans. While Rob Marshall’s live-action remake of The Little Mermaid has dominated the media, news of another Disney cult classic film in the works has fans buzzing. Not only will ...

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