Staying at a Disney Value Resort? Here is Where You NEED to Eat!

Everything Pop
Credit: Disney Dining

More often than not, Value Resort accommodations at Walt Disney World Resort get lost in the shuffle when sharing suggestions on where to dine. That’s mainly due to their limitations for resort-wide restaurant offerings, which generally never stretch beyond their resident food court locations, with the possible exception of a quick-service bar or two.

Value Resort

But let’s go back a minute to the food courts that each Value Resort boasts and take a closer look at what they all have to offer. Surprisingly enough, you may just find some profusely pleasing picks that make you rethink your standards and conclude these too are notable restaurants to love.

5. Intermission Food Court

As of September 16, 2021, Disney’s All-Star Music Resort has officially reopened to the public. And that means their resident Intermission Food Court is ready to start dishing up the works once again for hungry Guests seeking out a filling meal as well as a fulfilling, themed, musical mealtime experience.

Intermission Food Court

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The eatery’s setup comprises several distinct divisions where Guests can choose from varied food selections throughout the day. The chorus of distinguishable entrée features that make up the ensemble during all three significant meal times is sure to set you singing, with mouthwatering offerings ranging from familiar American favorites to those of more esoteric makings, including international highlights, plant-based features, and those that cater to other special dietary needs. Also, take note that there’s plenty of available seating to boot, adding perfect harmony to the overall onsite experience in enjoyable eating.

Even if you don’t come out seeking a full meal, Intermission Food Court has plenty of available grab-and-go snack items as well. Additionally, there’s a well-stocked bakery section laden with a variety of assorted baked goods. Onsite milkshakes, sundaes, and soft-serve ice cream are all options for a sweet sendoff. And do note that spirited concoctions are also served here as well.

4. World Premiere Food Court

This feature food court presentation gets raving reviews with its spotlight location at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort. Here Guests can come out and savor a cast of thousands among the vast and versatile range of different food options to be found here. Profusions span from hearty traditional American classics to international delights and other specifications, including those that cater to plant-based diets and other dietary/allergy-friendly needs.

Credit: Disney

The food court operates around the clock, with multiple service counters for you to pick, choose, and order from. And don’t forget to check out the bakery selections that forever boast a significant fan base. The unique character-themed baked goods, in particular, draw paparazzi attention along with varied spirited options! There are even grab-and-go packed items as well as assorted refrigerated goodies for those on the run.

If you’re not ready to run just yet, then you’re in luck. World Premiere Food Court offers plenty of onsite designations to enjoy meal or snack time in a fashion fit for a star. There’s no denying it’s front row “eating” at its finest.

3. Everything POP Shopping & Dining

Many faithful longtime fans feel that this eatery, on location at Disney’s Pop Century Resort, takes the cake. Well, if you’re talking about their exclusive Tie-dye Cheesecake novelty dessert, then you would be correct. But this one-of-a-kind eating hub transcends the “tastes of time” in myriad other ways as well.

Everything Pop

Credit: Disney Dining

The elaborate elapse of generational boundaries throughout the decades appears to work well in reflecting the abundance of food choices to be enjoyed here at all times, all day long. From traditional American favorites to cultural, more diverse offerings, you’d be hard-pressed not to find the perfect paring from among the various serving stations all around. And as always, special diets and allergy considerations make for even more great picks. And again, there are numerous grab-and-go items to choose from as well as premade refrigerated selections, desserts, spirits, and so much more.

Meal and snack time choices are seemingly limitless, and so are the versatile seating options. That’s a good thing because Everything POP is a combined experience that entails shopping in addition to onsite dining. So it’s easy to stick around for a while and get lost in time, in more ways than one.

2. Landscape of Flavors

This is perhaps the most animated eatery you will ever find at any Walt Disney Resort. In sketching out a new pathway into culinary works of art, this staple of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort even outranks noted food courts at some Moderate and Deluxe Resorts. Since it’s younger than all other Value Resort establishments, it brings newer, more creative possibilities to the far-stretching canvas on the eatery’s menu.

Familiar favorites and more exotic interests alike carefully balance the diverse design elements that create the menu selections here, along with the intricate inclusion of unique dietary and allergy-friendly accompaniments. Profound possibilities can be found in even more elaborate presentations via numerous different serving stations to pick and choose from, grab-and-go items, a wide range of versatile snacks, premade refrigerated eats, and myriad dessert options, and yes, spirited hits add their own personal marks to the finished work as well.

Landscape of Flavors

Credit: Disney

The various options here are competitive with those you may find at the aforementioned Everything POP. Another similarity is the spacious set up of one-half retail and the other half restaurant. All the same, Landscape of Flavors undeniably brings its own strokes of creativity to the drawing board, establishing an entirely new one-of-a-kind original masterpiece.

1. Trail’s End Restaurant

While the Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort carry a designated Moderate Resort standing, the Campsites are aligned with being in the honorary Value Resort category. Therefore, it goes to reason that the property’s famed Trail’s End Restaurant should make it onto this list of restaurants we love.

Open for breakfast and dinner daily, this frontier-themed table-service restaurant dishes up the works in hearty home-cooked, classic comforts harkening back to the good old days. With its woodland habitat and cabin-like décor, you’ll feel just like a homesteading pioneer for sure and for certain!

Trails End Restaurant

Credit: Disney

And as for the feasting to be had here, you can get your fill with bottomless family-style servings of the notable breakfast staples you love so well, along with alternative special plant-based fixings and accommodating menu features for those with allergies or other special dietary requests. Breakfast cocktails and mocktails are also included in the mix. Come suppertime; you’re going to want to mosey on back here for a bounty of countrified favorites, also being dished up in family-style format. As before, the accommodations as mentioned above are also offered during dinner as well.

Trails End

Credit: Disney

Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort remains closed during this initial phase of reopenings, so we were, therefore, unable to include the noted End Zone Food Court in our lineup until its tentative reopening, which is slated for December. All the same, as you can see by our vast display of featured eateries that Disney’s Value Resorts certainly have their fair share of notable culinary attributes to bring to the table, literally. It doesn’t matter where you stay or where you opt to dine at because mealtimes are always magical every at Walt Disney World Resort.

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