Power Outage Disneyland
Credit: Tiktok @thejungleskipper

Video: Castle Goes Dark as Power Outage hits Main Street, U.S.A.

As the Ides of March came to a close, Disney Park Guests were walking down Main Street, U.S.A., when Disneyland Park experienced a power outage that caused Sleeping Beauty Castle to go dark.

Treated as a rare sighting–like riding Space Mountain with the lights on–Disney fan and Tiktoker @thejungleskipper shared a video of the almost blacked-out scene.

Check it out:


Walking through Disneyland last night and THE POWER WENT OUT! ? #Disneyland #Disney #Disnerd #DisneyParks #yerawizard

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It should be noted that the remaining light is sustained by generators for the safety of Disneyland Guests when such situations occur. However, the generators apparently do not cover Sleeping Beauty Castle. It is also unclear at this time what caused the blackout and if this blackout only affected Main Street, U.S.A., or if other themed lands like Tomorrowland, Adventureland, and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge–or even Disney California Adventure Park–were also affected.

Power Outage Disneyland

Credit: Tiktok @thejungleskipper

Again, blackouts are rare at Disney Parks, and Cast Members are trained to handle such situations. But it is clear by the video’s narration that accidents can still be treated in a positive light (pun intended) as Guests who know the Parks like the back of their hands are still able to see a familiar place from a brand new perspective.

Meanwhile, at The Walt Disney World Resort, storms barreled down on its own Magic Kingdom just as Spring Break gets into full swing. However, despite storms, tornado warnings, and an apparent lightning strike, no blackouts have been reported.

Disney World Weather

Credit: Disney (left); WESH (right)

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