Brace for Severe Storms at Disney World Tonight and Tomorrow

Disney World Weather
Credit: Disney (left); WESH (right)

Stormy weather is once again on the horizon at the Walt Disney World as winter’s last cold fronts push their way south right in the middle of Spring Break.

According to WESH2, a severe weather threat at  Disney Parks and the general area begins tonight, March 15, and will continue into tomorrow, Wednesday, March 16. Severe storms are expected for most of Wednesday.

Another WESH reporter backed this up, saying that the worst of the storms are expected to pass overnight rather than during your Disney Day.

“We have the potential for strong to severe thunderstorms tonight into the overnight hours. The worst of the storms will be between 8pm to 4am tomorrow morning.”

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These storms are bringing rain, wind, and some lightning. On the morning of Saturday, March 12, we reported on a massive storm that hit Disney World. It brought with it a Tornado Watch, and apparently, lightning struck Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom.

High winds, tornado concerns, and even some hail is expected as this weather band moves across the Sunshine State.

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While, again, the worst stuff is not expected until the overnight hours, WESH’s live radar is already showing showers making their way across the state and could descend on the Most Magical Place On Earth.

The Walt Disney World Resort has measures in place to keep its Guests safe during all kinds of weather. However, we at Disney Fanatic would recommend Guests visiting Disney World, or Universal Studios, pack ponchos and have a plan to stay out of the rain–be it coordinating dinner plans during that time or choosing a long standby line over, say, taking to World Showcase for the Flower and Garden Festival. Guests should also prepare for outdoor attractions like Seven Dwarfs Mine Train to temporarily shut down due to lightning proximity as well as some flooding of the thoroughfares.


We will keep our eyes on the weather forecast and will update our readers as more information comes to light.

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