Disney Employee Reveals That Viral Videos Cost Performers Their Jobs

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Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort Guests’ use of social media has made a huge impact on both their visits to Disney Resorts or Disney Parks as well as their fellow Guests’ visits. Sometimes, footage shared on social media has been heartwarming (like this video of a sweet interaction between Minnie Mouse and a deaf child) — but in many cases, more upsetting events like fistfights and challenging Cast Member incidents have been shared.

One former Cast Member and current Disney Travel Agent has now spoken out about Disney Guests’ penchant for sharing said footage, and has revealed that footage like that can actually cost a Cast Member his or her Disney job!


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Jill, @disney_beignet, is a Walt Disney World Resort travel agent who has recently shared a video on TikTok in which she references the “out of control” way that Disney Guests have been behaving. “Guests are breaking rules, making messes, and just generally being rude and obnoxious to both Cast Members and other Guests,” the travel agent says.

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A Cast Member and Disney performer playing Ariel. Credit: Disney

We have shared plenty of upsetting news stories recently about Guests being rude, violent, or inappropriate in Disney Parks and Disney Resorts across the globe (not to mention the recent fistfight that led to arrests and lifetime bans).

Footage of Cast Members who are involved in such incidents is something that the Cast Members have no control over — but apparently, sharing footage of those interactions (including any in which a Cast Member handles a challenge admirably) “can lose people their jobs even if they’re not doing anything wrong”!

So, according to Jill, Guests really should refrain from posting anything on social media that shows Cast Members or character performers doing their jobs (or, at least, change your settings on your social media accounts so that “the privacy setting limits it to be seen by your friends”).


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“Character performers at Disney World have been fired because they went viral for doing an amazing job,” Jill added, mentioning a Peter Pan Cast Member specifically. “…Part of the reason for that is because even though Disney characters are unionized, Disney still sees them as pretty expendable. I mean, there are a million other people who would love to be doing that job, so if you’re causing problems in any way for the Company, you’re just not worth it.”

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Credit: D23

“I’m going to say this as kindly as I can,” Jill added. “On your Disney World vacation, if you plan to cut in line, yell at other Guests, flagrantly disregard safety rules, or just, in general, make yourself a nuisance to Cast Members who are already overworked and underpaid, I don’t want you as my client. And please unsubscribe to this channel, too.”

Have you noticed that there is a large amount of footage on social media that Guests share from their visits to Disney Parks and Disney Resorts — footage that often includes Cast Members doing their jobs?

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