Minnie Mouse Speaks Sign Language With Deaf Child

minnie mouse mickey mouse cast member meet and greet
Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse recently spoke sign language with a child in a Disney Park and gave them a hug.

The Walt Disney Company has gone through some tough times lately as it has responded to everything from an ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to rising prices in Disney Parks to abortion-related aid for employees. However, Disney magic is still prevalent in Disney Parks and Disney Resorts such as Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort — and one recent magical moment during a Disney Meet and Greet proved that!

The iconic Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse duo (and the Disney dog Pluto) recently had a special interaction with a deaf child during a Meet and Greet.

Mickey Minnie

Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse Credit: World of Disney

The young boy tried to speak to Pluto, Minnie Mouse, and Mickey Mouse using sign language. Upon realizing that the young Disney Guest was deaf, Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse looked to the child’s parent and indicated that they wanted to know the sign language for “I love you.”

Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse learned the phrase from the parent and said “I love you” to the deaf child in sign language before giving the little boy a hug. You can see the heartwarming moment in the Instagram video below!

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Several people commented on the Instagram video with positive statements, and many of the Instagram users suggested that the Cast Members involved should be given a raise for adapting to the situation and making the moment so special. 

Disney might have gone through some controversial times lately, and Disney Park or Disney Resort Guests might have been misbehaving a lot on Disney rides or mistreating Disney Cast Members often in recent months, but interactions like this one between Disney characters and Disney Guests can be a nice reminder of the Disney magic that so many people have always associated with Disney. 

Magic Kingdom Park Reopening

Two young guests stop to take a photo at Magic Kingdom Park, July 11, 2020, at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., on the first day of the theme park’s phased reopening. (Olga Thompson, photographer)

Have you ever had a particularly sweet interaction with a Disney Cast Member in a Disney Park or Disney Resort? Have you ever witnessed someone else’s magical moment, like a proposal in a Disney Park or a Disney Guest being surprised by something special? 

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