Walt Disney World Vacation Travel Essentials


Ponchos and rain gear

You never know when a vagabond cloud is going to pass through. That’s why you should always be prepared with a poncho at the ready and other protective rain gear. You should always keep your ponchos handy with you as you visit the parks, and most are packaged conveniently to fit in your pocket. If you’re carrying a bag you may also want to consider a compact umbrella and/or hat. Also note, it never hurts to pack rain boots and a rain coat to leave in your room, given the chance you will be returning before heading out again, but you’ll get by conveniently with just the aforementioned essentials.

walking shoes

Two pairs of shoes

In considering the rain and the many other reasons your shoes may get wet, we recommend bringing a second pair with you on your vacation. Many visitors already know that some rides can be drenching. Also, you may have taken preparations for rain, but there’s still that overlooked consideration in regards to your shoes. You don’t want to spend the rest of your vacation shuffling around with wet shoes! So break out your second pair and let your others dry out for the following day.

Mandatory medicines

You want to enjoy Disney World to the fullest, without the limitations of pain and other debilitations. That’s why it’s essential to pack all the necessary medicines you may need. From any mandatory daily requirements (prescriptions, diabetes medicine, etc.) to those extras your may end up needing like Dramamine® and painkillers, it’s vital for the welfare of your vacation to come prepared and ready to ensure an optimal vacation time.

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