Warning: Disney Releases Latest Heart-Aching Christmas Ad

Disney Christmas Commercial

Now that it is November, companies have switched from Halloween to Christmas, and Disney has come right out of the gate with yet another heart-aching ad that hits viewers right in “the feels.”

Released in its UK market, the short film is called “The Gift” and is the third and final installment of a series of shorts released each holiday season since 2020 titled “From Our Family to Yours.” It focuses on a young girl who is struggling with the changes her family is going through this holiday season. In this case, preparing for a new brother or sister to join the family.

Check it out:

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Disney Parks shared the new clip with the following statement:

Disney has launched the final installment of the ‘From Our Family To Yours’ trilogy, “The Gift,” which celebrates the joy of giving. In this heartfelt animated short we join our loving, blended family as they prepare for the festive period, and the arrival of a new family member! The short features an all-new, original song, “A Little More”, performed by Jessica Darrow, voice of Luisa Madrigal in Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Oscar-winning 2021 film Encanto provides an emotional soundtrack as this story comes to a happy ending.

This holiday season, Disney is celebrating 75 years of supporting Toys for Tots to help deliver joy to children in need. You can join the Disney Ultimate Toy Drive and give back to those who need it most this holiday season. Donate a toy online at through December 24, 2022! Learn more at

Once again, we see how this family (Laura, Mike, Max, and Ella) is clearly a Disney-oriented family as the mom looks through a Walt Disney World Resort brochure as her husband makes the kids mickey mouse pancakes. Pixar’s Lightyear is being streamed on Disney+, and Disney-themed decorations are going on the Christmas tree. And a very special Mickey Mouse plush doll is at the center of it all as it is passed generously to the little girl from her older brother, who then gifts it to her new baby sibling.

This was the third installment in a series that began in 2020 with a grandmother (Lola) and her granddaughter, Laura, spending the holidays together and a Mickey Mouse doll gifted to Lola when she was a little girl by her father. Then in 2021, we jump ahead a few years to show Laura having two kids of her own–Max and Ella–who now have to welcome a new stepdad, Mike, into their home through Christmas traditions and sharing Disney stories.

Here is the ad from 2020.

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Here is the ad from 2021.

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