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We’ve Ranked 20 Restaurants at Disney Springs – Here’s The Lineup!

We all have our own personal preferences when it comes to ranking favorite places to dining out at. While some of the contributing factors in our final decisions may directly result from particular menu selections or the ways in which a specific establishment successfully delivers on robust flavors, other considerations may be rooted in an eatery’s overall ambiance, décor, or uniquely themed motif. The latter especially applies to imaginative platforms in Walt Disney World Resort and Disney Springs, where creativity and versatility make up a very good portion of the overall experience to any venue. From quick and casual picks hailed for offering a wide range of fan favorites to more elegant and refined signature suggestions, diversified family-friendly venues that come with a side order of interactive plot points to those unique places that deliver each meal with equally unique entertainment, we’re counting down 20 very different restaurants at Disney Springs that come highly recommended by guests for a number of reasons.


20. Chicken Guy!

Taking quick service dining to new quality standards, this casual yet versatile pick is a popular choice for visitors of all ages and an especially excellent option for families. A brainchild operation cofounded by nationally renowned chef Guy Fieri and famed restaurateur Robert Earl (who also has a hand in several other Disney Springs dining venues) the Chicken Guy! franchise has earned a stellar reputation for unique one-of-a-kind all-natural chicken offerings of all variations. From sandwiches to salads, bowls, tenders, and more, each and every entrée is done up just as you like, customized and prepared to the fulfillment of any request, even specific dietary/allergen needs. One of the restaurant’s hottest highlights comes with the expansive specialty sauce menu you may pick and choose from, which offers up more than 20 featured flavor concoctions taken from Guy’s own signature recipes. Savory sides and other sizzling selections set things off even further, with appetizing crave-worthy hits like their Mac Daddy Mac ‘N’ Cheese, a variety of flavorful fries, and much more. And be sure to save room for a sweet sendoff with one of several unique shake offerings, including the one-of-a-kind Apple Cinnamon Cereal Shake featuring Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Apple Jacks cereal. Chicken Guy! offers plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. Order upfront and they’ll bring your made-to-order meal right out to you.

Chicken Guy

19. Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza, especially when it’s custom-made to your personal liking? Using an easily flowing assembly-line setup, this quick service artisanal pizza place keeps even the longest lines moving along steadily with the promise of having your 11” pizza pie specialty all fired up and ready for your in just three minutes! And that’s a pretty remarkable feat when you consider the seemingly unlimited toppings to choose from. Furthermore, you know that you’re getting the absolute best of the best with the restaurant’s commitment to using only all-natural, clean ingredients with no artificial flavors, preservatives, dyes, or additives of any kind. Whether you’re a vegetarian, follow a ketogenic diet, or have specific allergies or other unique requests, Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza has you covered. They even offer both gluten-free dough and cauliflower crust options among several others. And while pizza is primary here, do take note that the menu offers an enticing array of other options to be enamored with, including salads, desserts, dough knots, and delightful drinks. One such highly regarded beverage that’s perhaps most popular with guests is the famed Blood Orange Lemonade. Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza offers both indoor and outdoor seating accommodations to its diners.

18. D-Luxe Burger

Following the unique Disney-founded theme for being a repurposed early 20th century Floridian ranch now operating as a fresh eclectic burger joint, this counter service pick is another popular Disney Springs fan favorite. Subtle nods to the working motif and décor, including nostalgic posters and other remnants from the restaurant’s storied past, make for part of the overall fun experience of dining here. Other elements that work in D-Luxe Burger’s favor are of course those delectable items to be found on the menu—enticing offerings any burger enthusiast would thoroughly enjoy.  There are of course the classics, like the rightfully named “Classic Cheeseburger,” but there are also a host of signature selections that top the list as well, all served up on freshly made buns, no less. The Plant-based Pacific Island Burger is one unique alternative to consider, with many other options available as well. And you can enjoy all your scrumptious favorites with a side of fries, mixing things up a bit with a range of house-made dipping sauces. And don’t forget about dessert by way of a host of artisanal gelato shake options, including adult offerings with alcohol. All in all, you’ll find plenty of profuse pickings at this place. Both indoor as well as outdoor seating options are available to guests via traditional table and chair models or comfortable booths.

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17. The Polite Pig

This mild-mannered choice ranks number one on the list for Disney Springs quick service picks for many fans. But that comes as no surprise given the establishment is owned and operated by James Beard Foundation Award-nominated husband and wife duo James and Julie Petrakis (known best for their Winter Park-based Ravenous Pig and Cask & Larder) as well as Brian Petrakis, brother to James, who also owns Greens & Grille in Orlando. Renowned for dishing up modern barbecued Florida-inspired hits, only local ingredients go into crafting classic takes on familiar favorites and signature specialties alike. Some hits on the menu include Burnt Ends BBQ Meatballs, various brisket offerings, Baby Back Ribs, and Cedar Plank Salmon, to name a few. Find your own custom inspiration with seven unique sauces at the praiseworthy sauce bar. And don’t pass up an enticing dessert with popular favorites like Red Velvet Cake, Orange Blossom Pie, or Buttermilk Chess Pie.

You’ll never be “boar”ed here, because in addition to both classic and creative cuisine concoctions, other elements are at play on the scene to make dining here a most delightful decision. Just look around and appreciate the fine swine décor, for example, with artwork all around featuring pigs. And don’t forget to look down at the floor where you’ll even see piggy prints! Apparently even the most polite pigs can still make a mess, but in keeping with a polite theme, nevertheless, you’ll find a roll of paper towels situated at each and every table, just in case. Seating is offered both indoors and out.

Credit: Disney

16. Paradiso 37, Taste of the Americas

This unique table service favorite offers up the ultimate melting pot American experience in more ways than one. That’s because “America” in this sense refers to both the North and South American continents, with attention uniquely focused primarily on Latin American fusion. While breathtaking waterfront views serenade the overall dining experience here, available both inside and outside, the food and live entertainment components bring their own feisty flair to the table. While you can enjoy the live music scene nightly, consider a stop in as early as lunchtime to delight in a versatile range of continental culinary culminations. Some of the profuse highlights you will find on the menu include the 8oz. char-grilled Columbian Burger, Argentinian Skirt Steak, Beef Empanadas, the Baja Fish Taco Trio, and so many others. Vegetarian and gluten-free offerings are also available along with an abundance of salad and sandwich selections. And don’t forget dessert with the obvious but mouthwatering suggestion being the house Churros or a more defining specialty like Pineapple Upside Down Cake with rum caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream. In addition, the illuminated tequila bar offers up a wide range of more than 50 brands to select from while the indoor décor, which is laden with vintage travel posters, stamps, and whatnot gives emphasis to the concept of letting your taste buds cross new international boarders.

15. Terralina Crafted Italian

Come immerse yourself in an authentic Italian Lake District-inspired experience that encompasses both taste and décor in a family-favorite table service setup. Known best for dishing out all the famed favorites in hearty Italian classics, Executive Chef Justin Plank significantly raises the bar on flavor, adding a custom kick to all his masterful creations, both traditional and signature alike. Menu favorites most often enjoyed by guests here include artisanal wood-fired pizzas, various pasta offerings, savory salads, scrumptious sandwiches, enticing entrée selections of both the land and sea variety, and an abundance of antipasti options to whet your appetite. Don’t forget about dessert, with conventional confections like the Cannoli, Gelato, or Lemon Panna Cotta, along with more signature spins such as the Gelato Sundae with pistachio, vanilla and chocolate gelato, Amarena cherries, toffee crunch, and whipped cream or Chocolate Paradiso—their house specialty chocolate layer cake with chocolate ganache and toffee crunch. Whether you choose to dine indoors within jovially decorated dining rooms that display artwork and demonstrations themed in celebration or dine al fresco, Terralina Crafted Italian is optimal for both lunch and dinner.

14. Paddlefish

Best recognized as that permanently docked riverboat on the banks of Lake Buena Vista, this vessel of a venue celebrates a longstanding local past dating all the way back to 1977. While never serving as an active watercraft, it was designed and replicated after a traditional 19th century steamboat and christened “The Empress Lilly” in honor of Walt Disney’s wife Lillian Disney. It has served as the site for several notable dining establishments over the years and has been operating as Paddlefish Restaurant since early 2017. Come out and experience unparalleled waterfront views while indulging in a sea of opportunities in mouthwatering cuisine picks. While seafood reigns supreme here, and the restaurant even celebrated the honor of being voted “Best Seafood Restaurant” in 2018 by Orlando Magazine, other lush options here include steak and a vast array of landlocked delights custom-crafted by Executive Chef Steven Richards. Lobster Guacamole, Lobster Corndogs and King Crab are among some of the famed favorites you’ll find on the menu, but there is infinitely so much more in addition to these. Seating spans three floors, with varying spaces that include bars, indoor/outdoor options, and special event areas. Live entertainment also takes place on the scene regularly on the rooftop deck Friday and Saturday evenings.

Paddlefish at Disney Springs
Photo Credit: Disney

13. T-REX Café

If you have a dino-sized appetite or a group full of budding paleontologists then you’ve got to check out this interactive family favorite for convenient table service dining.  There are many reasons for loving T-REX Café, from a creative menu featuring plenty of highly enjoyable familiar favorites and custom cuisine concoctions alike (with equally creative names) all the way down to the elaborate overall decor theme throughout the restaurant that places you directly into the heart of prehistoric times. And when we mention the heart of prehistoric times we’re not kidding. This restaurant delivers on all the works, even going so far as to present in-house wonders like primeval forests, intricate ice caverns, giant bugs, animatronic dinosaurs, and even meteor shows that take place on the scene every 20 minutes of so. Eating here is only part of the experience, for other onsite attributes to consider include a fun dino-themed store, the Paleo Zone dig area where guests can unearth fossils and gems, and even a Build-A-Dino station from Build-A-Bear Workshop.

In getting back to the overall food presentation, we mentioned previously there’s a wide range of creature comforts you probably already know and love in addition to unique newly uncovered finds. What gives these dishes the extra roar though is the vast array of clever names. Some ultimate fan favorites that never go extinct includethe Bronto Burger, Chicken T-Rexadillas, the Paleozoic Chicken Sandwich, Tar Pit Fried Shrimp, Omnivore’s Delight Salad, Cesar-saurus Salad, Mastodon Stuffed Chicken, Mega-Mes-O-Bones, and plenty of others. Dessert delivers on such delights as Meteor Donut Bites, Cosmic Key Lime Pie, Chocolate Extinction, and several others, including the Chocolate Tarpit on the kids’ menu.

12. The Edison

The Edison may be one of the newer table service establishments at Disney Springs, but it’s backstory takes diners on a transcending journey to circa the 1920s, when this edifice, now serving as a restaurant, was operating as a power plant and this town’s main source of electricity. You’ll notice the many surrounding industrial remnants now dormant, including old equipment and machinery, some of which has since been repurposed for other uses. These days it’s the many enticing eats on the menu emanating the most electricity. And the wide, versatile range of excellently themed options all serve to compliment the existing overall steam punk motif. Some of the new inventions in culinary innovations to be enjoyed here include Electri-Fries, DB “Clothesline Candied Bacon”(served on an actual miniature clothesline), Southern Electric Chicken, the Quadruplex Potato, Lightning Shrimp Cocktail, the house special Edison Burger, and so many others. There may be nothing new about great dessert and drink pairings to accompany one’s meal, but the concept behind many of the features found on the menu at the Edison do make several options their own novel invents. The Lollipop Dessert Tree, for instance is one dessert example that’s popular with many guests. And while dining at The Edison can be a family experience, with some crafty drinks even offering a take on mocktail specialties that omit alcohol, the bar scene comes alive during the evening hours by 10 p.m., and the restaurant becomes site to an adults-only crowd and cabaret scene laden with flapper/jazz style entertainment.

11. STK Orlando

This is not the usual steakhouse scene, as faithful diners can adamantly attest to. From the sleek overall ambiance permeating throughout the restaurant to the stellar steak and other lush choices in cuisine, STK Orlando does something truly remarkable in the way of the overall dining experience it dishes out to guests. Whether you’re a longtime fan or visiting STK Orlando for the first time, every experience is one crafted in elegance and excellence. The theming and décor ring true to a modern chic vibe as a two-story restaurant featuring plenty of indoor seating accommodations in addition to an outdoor patio that affords remarkable views. And an in-house DJ keeps the scene fresh and lively. While the atmosphere is modern, the customer commitment to service brings to mind an old-fashioned quality and charm you don’t see very often anymore.

Another way STK Orlando deviates from the usual chophouse is in the versatile range of menu features that go above and beyond limited steak and meat selections. While the aforementioned are all offered and available (and even feature the best premium selections you can find to boot), lunch and dinner offerings span a vast range that includes fresh salads, crafted sandwiches, cocktails, and so much more. Their signature corn pudding receives only the highest praise from countless guests. And don’t forget about brunch every weekend, with a host of delectable breakfast favorites and lunchtime specialties alike. And just in case you were wondering, yes, steak is offered at all times STK is open for dining, including brunch and lunch.

10. Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill

World-renowned Celebrity Chef Wolfgang Puck has been credited on several accounts for defining what California-style signature cuisine truly means. And for countless guests to Disney Springs each year, a fine dining experience done up in accordance to the famed chef’s exacting standards waits to be fully embraced. While the menu exemplifies the very epitome of fine food and drink indulgences, the overall atmosphere within the walls of the restaurant is one to be celebrated as well. The underlying emphasis on clean eating and farm fresh concepts manifests into the overall décor and style, creating a most unique theme that can only be described as a modernization to quaint, nostalgic, on-the-farm, in-barn dining. Simple color tones and several windows throughout keep things bright and cheerful inside along with the roominess of the open concept kitchens and dining areas.

All the ambiance and atmosphere pair perfectly with the vision Wolfgang Puck has masterfully concocted in his innovative blending of traditional Mediterranean influences into classic comfort cuisine highlights now synonymous as being distinctly Californian. From meatballs to specialty pizzas, porterhouse steak to savory soups and salads, options are plentiful. You’ll even find an impressive array of drink suggestions and various delights in dessert also available. And on the latter note, one highly popular consideration with many diners here is a stop by the adjoining gelato bar/bakery for a sweet sendoff to follow a delicious meal.


9. Morimoto Asia

Discover myriad mouthwatering indulgences from the very best of the best in superb Pan-Asian cuisine. With concocted, crafted, and customized specialties straight from Japanese Master Chef Masharu Morimoto of Iron Chef America fame, it isn’t any wonder that robust flavor is fused into every bite of whichever vast ranging dish you so choose. Whether you crave Chinese, Japanese, or Korean, traditional favorites, or even fusion features, you can rest knowing that you will be gorging on high-quality selections that incorporate only the most premium ingredients.

Top-notch food is just the beginning of the exceptional experience you’re sure to have when choosing to dine at this favorite among Disney Springs table service establishments. For the overall ambiance in décor and style add optimal praise to the dining scene here, with highlights that include 20-foot-long chandeliers, stunning artwork, various dining areas within the building’s two-story extent, a second-level sushi bar, and open performance kitchens where you can watch your meal take shape. On another more esoteric note, there is even a special VIP lounge—The Forbidden Lounge, located on the second story with its own private entrance. It’s open for late-night light bites, drinks, and even live entertainment.

8.  Frontera Cocina

It’s a brand new take on authentic Mexican menu classics at this cool, contemporary table service venue. As a brainchild operation under the masterful direction of renowned Celebrity Chef Rick Bayless, best known for winning television’s Top Chef Masters along with his notable seven-time winning of the James Beard Foundation Award, you know you can expect only great things when you come out to enjoy a hearty and fulfilling meal here. Whether you opt for in-restaurant dining or decide to dine al fresco on their stellar patio, a wonderful meal awaits you and your party. Please your palate with an enticing array of time-honored Mexican traditions, done up in accordance with the chef’s own personal touch in customized flavor, preparation, and utilization of all-natural and locally sourced ingredients. And while it would take far too long to delve into all the mouthwatering medleys that other Mexican restaurants just can’t hold a candle to, some of the most savory preferences guests rave about include original taco concoctions, house-made Guacamole (available in bacon and verde varieties), Chipotle Chicken, and their ever-popular Carne Asada features. From even the youngest and pickiest eaters in your group to older folks 21 and older, there’s something for everyone to enjoy on the menu, including a well-versed variety of drink variations, including non-alcoholic and spirited specialties alike. Margaritas anyone? They’re kind of a big deal here. And be sure to save room for dessert! One favorite that stands out from the crowd is their Coconut-Lime Cuarto Leches, which comes as a sponge cake soaked in four milks and is topped with whipped cream, toasted coconut, blackberries, and lime zest.


Ever wonder about the point of origin for those famed car-boats riding out along the waters of Lake Buena Vista?  Well it’s right here at the aptly named BOATHOUSE Restaurant. A favorite fun-for-all-ages table service establishment, BOATHOUSE boasts a sea of possibilities in both its profuse menu range as well its overall nautical nature. The style and décor of this venue blend together what’s new and modern with nostalgic seafaring charm and grace, creating a timeless sense of wonder that mutually spans the stretches of many different generations. Plenty of mouthwatering medleys make up the menu with both traditional and signature seafood delights. But even if you’re not big into seafood, you’re sure to find something to entice you with the numerous land-loving hits also offered here. One such example of the latter is their “Award Winning Cherrywood-smoked BBQ Chicken. Vegetarians may enjoy such versatile suggestions as the Sautéed Vegetables & Cavatappi Pasta among many other things. Then of course, there are all those other interactive elements onsite to keep guests entertained and amused. As we mentioned before, the Amphicar & Italian Water Taxi Tours, are always a hit with everyone. Other fun-themed attributes include live onsite entertainment happenings, the regally riparian BOATHOUSE BOUTIQUE, and so much more.


6. Maria & Enzo’s

Like its neighbor, The Edison, Maria & Enzo’s Ristorante is one of the newer table service establishments at Disney Springs to follow a creatively storied theme about a longstanding historic venue that’s been repurposed into a hit new restaurant. In this case the plot follows an old airline terminal from the golden days of travel that was eventually closed down. Maria and Enzo, two bakery workers overseeing the operations of a much smaller space inside the terminal at the time of its closing, decided to buy out the entire location and expand their business into a full-fledged Italian Restaurant. Lo and behold, Maria & Enzo’s Ristorante—a family favorite for both its unique theme and flavorful food. As you already guessed, the internal design motif is modeled after an airline terminal with old nostalgic posters and other remnants hinting at the site’s past. Then there are those conventional classics in outstanding Italian cuisine working in tandem with creatively crafted originals to deliver on a diverse and delicious menu to choose from. And that’s not the only novel innovation about Maria & Enzo’s. Remember we said the owners once leased a much smaller bakery space? That area has since been converted to the adjoining counter service location for another great company-owned establishment—Pizza Ponte. While its own entity, Pizza Ponte is worth mentioning as a convenient quick service option for busy families on the go. And for those of more adult tastes, there’s also Enzo’s Hideaway Tunnel Bar. This other adjoining establishment follows a speakeasy model representative of the Prohibition Area.

5. Jaleo

The primary focus for this family-friendly sit-down restaurant is one that embraces authentic Spanish traditions, both in food as well as in fellowship. Internationally renowned chef and humanitarian José Ramón Andrés Puerta does a supreme job in following through with his vision, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all to come and take part in as an ultimate celebration of community and comfort. Enjoy plenty of seating options within the spacious two-story interior or choose to dine al fresco via the patio. Seating spans a series of booths, tables and chairs, stool seating at the bar, and even fun foosball tables. As for the design elements at work here, you’ll be in awe gawking at the plentiful colored hues of orange, red, and gold in accordance with the organic architectural patterns and fruity theme emanating all around. And that’s only the beginning!

From phenomenal favorites in regional cuisine classics to innovative creations of the chef’s own composition, your taste buds are in for the ultimate fiesta. One of the most notable menu features is the Valencia Paella, cooked in-house on an actual fire pit, no less. Other choices span a versatile range of vegetarian items, fresh seafood and meat selections, salads, a seemingly boundless compilation of other spirits, tapas, and abundantly so much more.

4. Raglan Road

Even if you aren’t Irish, your eyes will be smiling at this Disney Springs hotspot. The delicious authentic eats cooked in the tradition of the Emerald Isle in tandem with lively step dancing and musical entertainment onsite have made this table service pick a longstanding top favorite with countless visitors through the years. There’s no need to create an established working storyline for this place, because the entire restaurant appears to be a direct import straight out of Ireland. Even the meticulous chefs at work here, cultivating classic cuisine with a creative custom spin are praised for being some of Dublin’s finest! Stop in for lunch, dinner, and even weekend brunch specials ranging in a plethora of possibilities. Some of the classics to earn our highest praise include Rack of Heaven (slow-roasted Guinness-glazed baby back ribs), Bangin’ Bangers & Mighty Mash, Fish & Chips, the OMG Burger, and plenty of others. Looking to try something sweet? Some suggestions include: Ger’s Bread & Butter Pudding, Fluffy Lemon Clouds, and a unique gluten and dairy-free offering—the Chocolate Heaven flourless cake with berries, ganache, and whipped cream. And remember there are plenty of direct-from-Ireland brews and other bevies to pair with any dining experience.

Consider stopping on by for a good drink to enjoy with the multitude of live entertainment enticements taking place here throughout the day. You can listen to charming Irish melodies and songs performed live on the Patio Stage from 8 p.m. and midnight, as well as from 4:30 p.m. until 1 a.m. on the restaurant’s Main Stage.  In addition, the renowned in-house 90-minute dance show, The Rhythms of Raglan, takes place throughout the day between 4:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. and during the Rollicking Raglan Brunch on weekends.

Raglan Road

3. House of Blues

You won’t be singing the Blues about your dining experience at this table service restaurant. But you’ll no doubt be singing a happy note and jumping for joy over all the versatile soulful Southern cuisine fixings to tantalize your taste buds. Folk artsy décor and style throughout meet hearty New Orleans flavor and classic food traditions in a working compilation that’s beyond compare. You just have to come out and experience it firsthand. And onsite live entertainment keeps things jazzy and vibrant, serving only to further enhance the dining scene here. Whether you come out for lunch, dinner, or even a weekend brunch special, every experience is exceptional.

Indulge in and savor Southern-style classics and novelties alike. Some of the most famed fan favorites to grace the menu include Voodoo Shrimp, Memphis-style Baby Back Ribs, Carolina Mess, Delta Fried Chicken, and Jambalaya, of course. Then of course there are numerous other options as well, from sandwiches to burgers, soups to salads, and decadent desserts, to name a few. And don’t forget about drinks and drink specials!

2. Wine Bar George

An establishment that carries “Wine Bar” in its title may at first entertain thoughts of being some watering hole that’s almost exclusively all about drinks with the usual light bite lounge snack pairings that are rarely filling. But that’s not the case with this table service favorite, which is a popular pick for Disney Springs visitors of all age ranges and interests. We’re not going to deny that wine and other spirited concoctions are in fact the dominating features here, but they aren’t exclusive to the overall experience. And that’s exactly what Master Sommelier George Miliotes hoped to achieve in his vision when he opened what is currently the only Sommelier-led wine bar in all of Florida.

There is a sense of style and sophistication emanating throughout the atmosphere within the walls of this two-story wine and dine establishment. The first floor welcomes guests into what’s a traditional wine cellar setup showcasing the vast array of around 140 diverse wine bottles and classy glasses. Upstairs you’ll find a comfort and elegance among the various dining rooms that feature many different seating options, including traditional tables and chairs as well as lounge chairs. The outdoor terrace is a great option for a charming open-air dining thrill to be paired with great food and drink. It doesn’t matter if your tastes are more grounded in reds, whites, or something else, you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for. A profuse selection of ciders, beers, and specialty cocktails also make up the seemingly endless drink menu. And what about the food? As we mentioned earlier, these are not your usual pub grub light bites. Small platters here pack robust flavors that are anything but small. Also take note that family-style plate selections range in much wider shareable selections in size and variety. Two of the most highly praised menu hits popular with guests here are the Steak Frites and Crispy Mac & Cheese Bites. Other mouthwatering choices include Grilled Whole Greek Sea Bass, Bell & Evans Chicken Breast, and Skirt Steak. As for dessert, you can’t pass up such indulgences as their house special Key Lime Pie, one-of-a-kind Olive Oil Cake, or the decadent Chocolate Experience, which pairs three wines with three rich chocolate varieties. Wine Bar George is open daily for lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch.

1. Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’

This tops the list as the ultimate fan favorite table service pick for many faithful visitors to Disney Springs. A celebration and showcase of classic Southern cuisine and soul food comforts, Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ is also renowned for its fresh farm-to-fork approach and incorporation of locally sourced ingredients. Pioneered by Celebrity Chef Art Smith, the restaurant scene is an ever-popular one, hailed for the myriad home-style highlights available during lunch, dinner, and the delightful Rise n’ Shine Brunch held on weekends. And while it would be impossible to list the majority of delectable eats you can savor here, some highly recommended hits are Art’s Famous Fried Chicken, the Key West Shrimp Cocktail, House-made Doughnuts, Bee Haven Bay Fried Green Tomatoes, the Art Burger, Church Lady Deviled Eggs, Shrimp & Grits, and loads more. You can also enjoy a wide range of specialty beverages to go along with any meal you indulge in, even including handcrafted moonshine cocktails and other spirits. And don’t forget about all those delicious desserts. One such feature that garners overwhelming favoritism in this category is the renowned Hummingbird Cake—a composition of pineapple-banana cake with Chef Art’s signature cream cheese frosting, served up with seasonal fruit gastrique, and a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. It just doesn’t get any better than that!

We understand that each and every person’s preferences and individual dining experiences can be vastly different from one another’s, so this lineup may not apply to each of our readers in the same way. There are also plenty of other picks we consider to be exceptional options that were not highlighted in this ranking but we feel go above and beyond the usual dining experience nevertheless. As Walt Disney World Resort and Disney Springs continue on the track to a phased reopening of their many venues, do take note that not all of the restaurants profiled here have fully reopened, though all have plans to do so soon and reestablish all its famed features and additional onsite activities/perks in their entirety when it is safe and advisable to do so. Also note that menu items are subject to change on occasion. And when offered and operating under normal circumstances, there are several Disney Springs restaurants that do accept some Disney Dining Plans. Stay up-to-date on all the latest developments and current status for all your favorite Disney Springs venues by visiting

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