Disney Guest Violates Restraining Order at Meet and Greet

Tinker Bell Meet and Greet
Credit: Disney

It seems that grownups continue to find ways to make magical Disney Park character experiences increasingly problematic, and I mean that beyond simply the not-so-unique variety of one-liners dished out by creepy dads while their little kids visit princesses.

Disney Princess Character Meet and Greet

Tens of thousands of Guests visit a single Disney Theme Park each day, with lines to meet “face characters” like the Disney Princesses stretching hours long, so it is impossible to discover every single off-color interaction. However, social media platforms like Reddit have provided current or former character performers and their intimates the opportunity to unofficially and semi-anonymously share stories of when creepy or outright scary pieces of “The World of Today” infiltrate “The Worlds of Yesterday, Tomorrow, and Fantasy.”

In one such case, Reddit user u/EarlSandwich0045 shared a story about how one woman had to be apprehended by Disney Security after it was revealed that “Tinker Bell” had a restraining order against her.


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“I dated a girl that played one of the fairies for the Tinkerbell place,” he said. “Beyond the pretty much daily occurrence of old dads hitting on her (she was 19 at the time) the weirdest thing to happen to her was a woman with a 4yr old little girl was all excited to get a picture with Tinkerbell, who was busy, so my ex volunteered to do pictures and entertain the little girl while they waited.”

In the early 2010s, Walt Disney World Resort Guests were able to meet Tinker Bell and her friends from the straight-to-DVD animated movies, Fawn, Iridessa, Periwinkle, and Silvermist, at Magic Kingdom Park. Each of the Neverland Fairies gained her own following of little fans, but this woman was reportedly completely against wasting time with “off-brand” fairies. So his ex moved on.

Disney Fairies

Raven-Symone voices Iridessa, a fairy who befriends Tinkerbell, in the Pixie Hollow movies. Credit: Disney Fairies

“A bit later,” he added, “she hears a commotion and Tinkerbell is obviously upset, and security shows up. Apparently, this woman was Tinkerbell’s bio mom and had taken her granddaughter to Disney, just to violate the restraining order against her.”

The Reddit user ends by reminding everybody that “Disney Jail is a real place.”


Tinkerbell Credit: Disney

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It is not clear what the full extent of this woman’s punishment was from Disney, let alone if she was, in fact, reported to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. But, it stands as a reminder that these character performers are real people, and Disney Security will defend Cast Members against errant Guests when necessary.

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