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Worst Snack Food at Walt Disney World

Have you ever tasted something at Disney World that was altogether gross? Or perhaps it wasn’t the taste that was so bad but rather the “gross price” for what you paid for it. Either way, we’ve all learned one way or another that not all Disney tastes live up to the epitome of greatness Walt Disney World Resort is supposed to be known for. From overrated treats that are nothing special to controversial choices that leave a vast majority of guests with a bad taste in their mouths, here are some of the worst snack foods we’ve come across at Walt Disney World.



8. Mediocre Mouse-Themed Treats

Yes, you’re at Walt Disney World Resort, and some snacks are indeed a rite of passage. Consider those iconic Mickey Mouse ice cream bars, for instance. Okay, so they are definitely worth the extra cost. But what about all the other redundant, underwhelming snacks that fall short of any impressive flavor or taste? We’re talking about those of largely mundane and mediocre quality with fan appeal exclusively hinged on the fact that they take to a Disney character theme and nothing more. Prepackaged cookies, pretzels, rice cereal treats, and other snack items may make great souvenirs to remember your trip by or to bring home and share with some “poor unfortunate soul” who couldn’t make the trip to Disney World, but are they really worth the extra cost as an in-the-park snack? We’ll let you decide. Even several onsite bakery goods, like themed cupcakes, fall short of being anything exceptional (though still delicious by all accounts). We’re not here to bash personal tastes or discourage you from buying themed confections altogether. We just want you to keep in mind that many Disney-themed goods are nothing exceptional in regards to taste.

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7. Blue/Green Milk

These Star Wars-themed concoctions are at the center of a reception that you will either love or hate, with a slightly larger majority of tasters arriving at the latter conclusion. From each one’s unique flavor to those attention-grabbing colors, these drinks are unusual in everyway, but that’s part of their primary appeal for why guests continue to seek them out. Neither one is actually milk, if that’s what you’re expecting. Rather they are plant-based, non-dairy blends of rice and coconut milk that incorporate each color’s signature mix of flavors. For instance, Blue Milk is a mix of sweeter fruits like dragon fruit, watermelon, lime, and pineapple while Green Milk is a more citrusy craft of mandarin orange, orange blossom, grapefruit, and passion fruit. These are definitely not for everyone. And at $7.99 for a regular serving or a more spirited specialty feature priced at $14.00, it’s up to you to decide if they are even worth it.

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6. Turkey Legs

For many, the infamous Walt Disney World Turkey Leg is an absolute must-try item, and fortunately for them, there are plenty of locations within the various parks and at nearby Disney Springs where you can get them. But you must ask yourself if the appeal outweighs the risks that come with indulging in this overly gluttonous and overpriced option. To start, just one turkey leg alone exceeds half the average daily calorie allowance. And with 5,000 mg of sodium a serving, we hope you plan to wash it all down with plenty of water and nothing else. But let’s get real, you’re at Disney, and you most likely want to try other yummy treats along the way as well. Perhaps you even have plans to take in a hearty and delicious meal later on in the day. So do you really want that $12.00 turkey leg in addition to all that? If you’re going to splurge on an unhealthy binge at least opt for something far more worth it, like a shareable Kitchen Sink Sundae!

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