14 Things You’ll Love Doing at Walt Disney World on Rainy Days

rain at Disney World

On a vacation with so many fun attractions and rides, your schedule might become a bit overwhelming. When you see rain outside your room window, get excited instead of depressed! A rainy day gives you the perfect chance to adopt a slower, more relaxing–and surprisingly liberating–pace. Here are fourteen attractions and pastimes to help you embrace your rainy day!

14) Visit the arcade at your resort! It’s generally a good idea to avoid using too much technology on a vacation, but arcades can actually provide a lot of entertainment. These games also do not have to be restricted to children; embrace your inner eight year-old and enjoy the fun that your resort has to offer!

13) Swim! Swimming in a pool during a downpour (as long as there’s not any thunder or lightning) can be a very pleasant experience. Enjoy the pool at one of its least crowded times, and soak up the extra refreshment!

12) Splash Mountain. Riding on an open-air ride–even if it is only open-air temporarily–should still be considered as an option in the rain. Unless there is a lot of wind or particularly stormy weather, some soft rain can actually enhance your experience. Besides, you’ll be getting wet anyway!

11) Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. This indoor ride may not be one of the big names at the Magic Kingdom, but shooting lasers at aliens is actually a lot of fun, even for adults!

10) Soarin’. Chances are, someone else will have the idea to head to this ride too; however, since there is almost always a long wait for this ride, you might as well make do, especially since soaring through virtually clear skies on a rainy day will help you avoid any Eeyore–style gloominess!

9) It’s Tough to Be A Bug. Not everyone likes a ride that simulates spider bites and insects crawling near your feet, but if you do, this ride can be pretty entertaining–and going inside the Tree of Life is worthwhile in and of itself!

8) Ellen’s Energy Adventure. As one of the lengthier rides, most visitors probably won’t want to fit this attraction into their busy schedules, but it really is an entertaining experience! Animatronics, a short movie, and the comedic antics of Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Nye the Science Guy make this Energy Adventure a perfect choice for a slow-paced rainy day.

7) The Carrousel of Progress. As one of the ultimate classic Disney attractions, the Carrousel of Progress is always a must-see on a Disney vacation, and seeing it during a rainy day will make the attraction’s warm, happy atmosphere feel all the more cozy!

6) Stay in! Send some postcards, read a book in one of your resort’s lounges, and grab some pillows; there’s hardly a better time to nap than a rainy day, even when you’re not at Walt Disney World.

5) Shop at Downtown Disney or the BoardWalk. Souvenirs? Pins? Clothing? It can all be found during a day of shopping at Disney stores, and on a rainy day you can shop all day without feeling like you’re missing out! “Here are 5 Things You Won’t Want To Miss At Disney’s Boardwalk.”

4) Take some time to reorganize. Now is the time to relax with a delicious meal and reevaluate your vacation. What have you done so far? Is there anything crucial that is still on your list? Editing your priorities can be a lot less stressful when you’re not actually on the go.

3) Stock up. Whether you’re running low on Tylenol, sunblock, or alone time, a rainy day is an ideal opportunity to regroup. If you’re not feeling particularly ambitious, just catch up on the essentials—and if you’ve been slacking on writing in a vacation journal, now’s the time for that, too!

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2) Redo rides. Indoor rides are usually one of the most obvious ways to spend a rainy day at Walt Disney World, so if there are any that you have been meaning to visit again, now is the time. From DINOSAUR to O Canada!, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy your favorite indoor attractions over and over again, especially on a rainy afternoon! Just remember to verify that your favorite ride is open and functioning before you head to the park.

1) Dine! Have you been walking past the 50’s Prime Time Diner, meaning to go in but never feeling like you have the time? A rainy day is the perfect excuse to relax inside with some fried chicken and a peanut butter and jelly milkshake.

Not all rain needs to put a damper on your mood; unless there’s any particularly severe weather, all that’s needed to turn your rainy days into Disney days is a few good umbrellas and a couple of towels to wipe off any wet seats at attractions. Embrace the Disney spirit—rain or shine!

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