15 Best World Showcase Snacks at Epcot


I’m a foodie, and while my culinary adventures haven’t taken me as far as, say, Rome, Bordeaux, or Hong Kong, I have toured the World—the World Showcase in Epcot, that is—and been treated to plenty mouthwatering and memorable international flavors that are worth sharing with my fellow Disney Fanatic readers. As you may or may not know, there are eleven countries represented in Epcot’s World Showcase—Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, United States, Japan, Morocco, France, United Kingdom, and Canada. Each international pavilion provides guests an opportunity to sample some of its well-known and praised cuisine either through food stands, quick-service eateries, full-service dining, or simply via the souvenir shops. Some of the food is worth celebrating, some we’d rather forget touched our taste buds, but this list will include only favorites—the snacks that made a happy imprint on our minds and elicited a satisfied sigh as they reached our bellies. Let’s journey together as we meander through Epcot’s World Showcase, highlighting the 15 best snacks—both sweet and savory!

15. Chips with Queso/Guacamole/Salsa—La Cava del Tequila, Mexico Pavilion

Located inside the giant pyramid-shaped pavilion, this small, dimly-lit, cavernous tavern will certainly provide the air-conditioned respite many Epcot guests seek when walking around the World Showcase Lagoon under the stifling Florida sun. Here you’ll find plenty of tequila-laden options, including a wide variety of beautifully crafted, authentic margaritas with unique, toe-curling flavors. Whether enjoying a margarita or not, the chips and accompanying dipping sauce is well-worth the money. You can order your tortilla chips with queso, guacamole and/or salsa, and get an authentic taste of Mexican flavors with each bite (p.s. the guacamole has a zing to it!). This is definitely a share-worthy snack, so grab a couple of friends, and if you’re able to snag a table in the often-bustling bar, you’ll be in for a real treat! Tip: Though this is subject to change at any given time, it’s known that if you show the bartender that you follow La Cava del Tequila on Twitter, you’ll snag the chips and salsa for FREE! (*still a charge for queso and guacamole).

14. School Bread—Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe, Norway Pavilion

Y’all knew this one was coming, right? The school bread is a must-have Norwegian snack for many who have tasted the custard-filled cardamom bun with icing and toasted coconut on top. It’s a sweet treat that is not obnoxiously sweet, and won’t ruin you for your upcoming meal (especially if you share it). If you are looking for something a little heavier on the stomach, the cinnamon loaf with candied walnuts is a new addition to the bakery and an option definitely worth indulging in (think Gaston’s Tavern cinnamon roll, only 10 times better!).

13. Vegetable Egg Roll—Joy of Tea, China Pavilion

The Joy of Tea kiosk is a hard to miss grab-and-go food and drink stop in the China Pavilion, with an array of teas, slushies, and quick bites to choose from. The vegetable egg roll is always something I grab as we journey through the World Showcase, its crunchy fried exterior encasing a warm vegetable-stocked interior full of textures and flavors. The menu has rotated a bit over the last couple of years, and though the types of egg roll options have changed (i.e. the Pork and Vegetable Egg Roll is now just the Vegetable Egg Roll, and they’ve added a Kung Pao Chicken Egg Roll), some form of the classic egg roll has always been a constant snack option here for its popularity.

12. Soft Hand-Twisted Pretzel—Pretzel/Beer Wagon and/or Sommerfest, Germany Pavilion

The flavors in this traditional Germany staple aren’t terribly complex, but they are as authentic as they come if you are looking for a hand-twisted soft pretzel. Yes, these pretzels have ruined me and my children for all other soft pretzels. My kids turn their nose down now at the Target Café pretzels I used to bribe them with if they behaved in the store, and the Mickey-shaped pretzels found all over the theme parks no longer hold any interest for them. Carbohydrate-heavy, this pretzel will undoubtedly fill you up, so share it if you want to continue your snack crawl around the World Showcase promenade.

11. Caramel Popcorn—Karamel Kuche, Germany Pavilion

Made fresh daily, the caramel popcorn available for purchase inside the tantalizingly smelling Karamel Kuche is a must-have, shareable snack. Crunchy and sweet, it’s the perfect snack to grab while on the go, enjoying a handful of here and there, and maybe even saving some for later while you crawl under your Disney Resort bed covers to scroll through your favorite camera photos taken that day.

10. Cheese and Meat Plate—Tutto Gusto, Italy Pavilion

Worth popping into for the atmosphere and décor alone, Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar has quickly become a favorite stop in Epcot for their extensive wine selections (over 200 wines featured here!) and small plates of authentic Italian cuisine. Among their food selections, you’ll find a variety of cheese and meat plates which allows guests to sample some of Italy’s finest flavors. Cheeses available include fresh mozzarella, asiago or fontina. Meats include either salami or beef and pork sausages. Rounding out the sampler tray, you’ll get fresh bread or thin and crunchy bread sticks, as well as a marinated dish of veggies, olives, or seafood selections. These trays of tasty Italian eats are so much fun to share, and so flavorful!

9. Gelato Cookie Sandwich—Italian Gelato Kiosk, Italy Pavilion

Finding ways to cool down during a typical hot Epcot day is a must when walking around the World Showcase. Fortunately one of our favorite snacks is a sweet treat that will refresh and instantly knock your internal temperature down a notch. Found at an outdoor kiosk, the gelato from Italy’s pavilion is super creamy and oh-so-good. Sandwiching your choice of gelato between two soft chocolate chip cookies is kind of a no-brainer, don’t you think?

8. Funnel Cake—Funnel Cake Stand, American Adventure Pavilion

Especially tasty during a rare cool day, the funnel cakes found at the American Pavilion in Epcot are an indulgent comfort snack, especially if topped with ice cream, chocolate syrup, or basic powdered sugar. Seasonal flavors are rotated on and off the menu from time to time, but the classic funnel cake is always a winner in our books.

7. Kaki Gori—Kabuki Café Food Cart, Japan Pavilion

This simple snack takes me back to my childhood sno-cone days. Kaki-Gori is finely-shaved ice served in a paper cone, drenched in sweet fruit syrup. It’s the perfect snack to grab on a hot day, and can easily be eaten on the go. Choose from flavors like strawberry, cherry, melon, tangerine, or rainbow (combination of flavors). For an additional cost, you can also add special toppings like sweet (condensed) milk which takes you into another hemisphere of amazing flavors.

6. Sushi—Kabuki Café Food Cart, Japan Pavilion

If you are a sushi lover, Kabuki Café is a perfect snack destination for you! Choose from three sushi selections—California Roll, Combo Sushi (2 Pieces of California Roll with Salmon and Shrimp Temari Sushi), and HAKO Sushi (“Box Style” Salmon, Tuna and Shrimp). The sushi found at the Kabuki Café provides the perfect snack-sized portion, each bite packed with quality ingredients that taste authentic, fresh, and flavorful!

5. Ice Cream Crepes—Crepes des Chefs de France Kiosk, France Pavilion

Disney provides endless ways to eat ice cream, and alongside warm, fresh crepes is one of them! The crepes served at the outdoor food stand in the France Pavilion have long been a guest favorite snack as they give you a variety of ways to enjoy the super thin, pancake-esque treat. The chocolate crepe, sugar crepe, and strawberry preserve crepe are all worth a try, but ordering the soft-serve ice cream crepe is our favorite from this stop. The sugary sweet flavors and crisp, chewy texture of the crepe with a spoonful of creamy, cold soft serve in each bite is a no-fail snack option at Epcot!

4. Macaron with Raspberry and Lime Cream Filling—Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie, France Pavilion

The France Pavilion is one of the top contenders for the BEST snack options in all of the World Showcase, especially if you have a sweet tooth like me. Between the Patisserie, the Crepe Stand, and L’Artisan des Glaces ice cream stop you’ll be in a heavenly state of sugar-induced euphoria. I was late into the macaron craze, but when I bit into my first macaron from Epcot’s France Pavilion during the Flower and Garden Festival, it was love at first taste. Though the Flower and Garden Food Stands and the specialty foods they offer are only up a couple of months a year, macarons are still available year-round at the Patisserie. Soft and sweet, light and airy, with a slight chewy crunch to each bite, it is a snack I return for again and again when I go to Epcot!

3. Croque Glace—L’Artisan des Glaces, France Pavilion

Rounding out our France Pavilion snack favorites is the Croque Glace, a non-traditional ice cream sandwich made up of freshly baked brioche bread, ice cream of your choosing, and a drizzle of the sauce of your choosing (i.e. chocolate, raspberry, etc.). The assembling of the Croque Glace is fascinating as they place the ice cream brioche bun in a Panini press and cook it for a few seconds before handing you your masterpiece. This indulgent snack is quite messy, but with every deliciously drippy bite, you’ll be thanking yourself for grabbing this snack at Epcot.

2. Fish and Chips—Yorkshire County Fish Shop, United Kingdom Pavilion

Fried, flaky fish coupled with crunchy French fries? Yes, please! Make no mistake, this dish is easily a meal if you aren’t sharing with anyone, so don’t say we didn’t warn you. Grab a friend or two and divide this piping hot, traditional English food and you’ve got a comforting snack that’ll warm your belly and delight your taste buds. I rarely venture into the World Showcase without ordering the Fish and Chips inside the UK Pavilion—try some for yourself and you’ll see why!

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1. Croissant Doughnut—Refreshment Port, located to the right of the entrance to the World Showcase

Unless you have a disdain for delicious tasting desserts, the croissant doughnut –a.k.a. “cronut”—has probably been on your radar since it made its first appearance several years back and has taken the pastry world by storm. Because I don’t live in New York City and can’t magically transport myself to the Dominique Ansel Bakery when the craving strikes, I get my croissant doughnut fix at my local donut place. But let’s be clear, my local donut place—which does a well-meaning impression of the “cronut”—has got NOTHING on Epcot’s Croissant Doughnut. The pastry chefs at Disney nailed this version with its deep fried, flaky layers of buttery pastry, topped with cinnamon and sugar. Coupled with a cup of hot coffee or—you guessed it—ice cream, this snack does everything in its power to make a lasting impression on guests!

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