15 Magic Kingdom Experiences We Could Do Without

Magic Kingdom

When you hear the words ‘Disney World’, you automatically know it’s the happiest place on earth. While many happy and memorable moments occur throughout guest vacations, there are unfortunately, some things that happen that are beyond our control and tend to make our smiles go south. Here are 15 Magic Kingdom experiences we could do without.

15. Being Stuck on a Ride

Being stuck on a ride is one of the most frustrating things. As soon as the vehicle stops, you know you aren’t in control and no matter how badly you may want to get off or have the ride start up again, you simply have to wait. There are times when being stuck only lasts a few minutes and there are times when it can last several minutes. Just remember that even though it’s an unfortunate situation, safety is priority. If you miss a fastpass or dining reservation, be sure to let a cast member know and they will accommodate you accordingly.

14. Exhausted Kids

At the end of a long park day, kids are naturally cranky. Chances are, they’ve missed their regularly scheduled naptime and are ready for bed. It can be very exhausting for parents to have to deal with this behavior at the end of a long day. Sometimes guests that aren’t parents can become irritated because they aren’t used to handling a situation like this. At the end of the day, we just need to be understanding of guests and their needs and after all, Disney is, and will always be, filled with little ones.

13. Guests Stopping in The Middle of a Walkway

Walkways are meant for walking. It can be very frustrating when you’re trying to hustle and travel around the park and a party stops right in the middle of the walkway to chat or look at a map. Guests that need to do this should step aside and take care of business while others are left with space to travel. This can be especially annoying when the parades are in session and the walkways have been limited due to the parade floats.

12. Not Going All The Way Down The Rows

Every (indoor) Magic Kingdom show houses multiple rows to allow a large group of guests to enjoy it. You will often hear the cast members say, “Please walk all the way down to the end of the row making room for other guests” over and over again as you enter the theater or auditorium. The reason it is said so many times is because there are always parties that want to sit right smack in the middle of the theater making it difficult for other guests to have to continue down the row by having to squeeze by each person. Every seat in the house is meant to offer a great view of the show and it is important to follow the directions given by the cast members so that everything can start promptly and smoothly.

11. Kids on Shoulders

Most parents want their kids to have a great view of the amazing nightly fireworks, so they immediately prop their children on their shoulders for a better view. This is a very dangerous move and a huge safety risk. Cast members have to ask several guests to remove their children from their shoulders leaving them a little disgruntled. Understand that if a child falls, there will be major injuries. Other guests around you are also there for the show, and it is unfair that they have an obstructed view. Fireworks are high in the sky and can be seen everywhere. If you really, really, want to make sure that your child has a great view, secure one in a certain spot in the park so that you don’t have to violate this rule.

10. Skipping the Lines

No one likes to wait hours for a ride. Unfortunately, there are a lot of guests that try to do this often and it can cause an argument amongst other guests and the cast members. At the end of the day, if you really want to ride a ride, wait the line like everyone else. It isn’t fair to those that have been waiting and following the rules of the park.

9. Littering

When Walt Disney created Disneyland he determined the locations of the trashcans by timing how long it took him to eat a hot dog. This would allow him to know when a guest would be looking for a trashcan to throw out the trash from their snack. This same concept has been carried out in the Magic Kingdom. There are trashcans on every corner and you’re guaranteed to spot 1 or 2 no mater where you look. Still, some guests find the need to litter. It is very disheartening to see guests ‘’trashing’ the parks and not putting forth the effort to simply walk up to the nearest trash can to dispose of their garbage.

8. Fighting

There is nothing more uncomfortable than witnessing a verbal or physical fight. Unfortunately, this happens at times at the parks and can be very detrimental to children. I have seen unfortunate situations like this that have ruined vacations and ultimately, ended wrongly with arrests being made. No matter how heated a situation can be, one must really think about the choices they make with fighting.

7. Cancelled Night Shows

The night shows at each of the theme parks are truly spectacular and are put on 1-2 times in the evenings. These shows are cancelled every so often due to lightning and thunderstorms (which are frequent in Florida). It can be such a drag not being able to experience the night show you may have been waiting to see. If you have time in your schedule, try to accommodate it another day in your plans!

6. Ride Closures

Just like the shows, realizing that your favorite ride has been closed can be heartbreaking. This is another one of those situations that are out of our control. Just try to enjoy all of the other magical rides and attractions because after all, you are at the happiest place on earth!

5. Parade Blocking

Many guests look forward to snagging a spot along the pathways of the park to ensure a great view of the beloved parades. You would be surprised how many people just push through the crowds to selfishly get their own seat just as the parade is starting. This can be very upsetting because it is only fair that the people that purposely snagged a spot early on see the parade without having someone get right in front of them. When this has happened to me, I ask them to politely move and explain that I have been waiting there for a while.

4. Crowding

This is another one of those uncontrollable and unavoidable situations. There will always be crowds at Disney. You will rarely be able to enjoy a crowd less park anymore because it appears they have only increased in capacity with all of the events that are planned throughout the year.

3. Smoking

There are designated smoking areas around the park for a reason. Many guests do not enjoy the smell of smoke or have health concerns regarding it. Having smoke in non-designated areas is bothersome. Smokers should be polite and take their smoke breaks where they are intended to be taken.

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2. Chanting From Crowds

Tour groups from other countries are often seen in the parks. You can spot them from a mile a way with their bright apparel and flags. Most of these tour groups visit for long periods of time since they are from other countries, so you can expect to see them around the parks on multiple days. Many consist of young teenagers, and they can get out of hand quickly. They are often seen chanting at the top of their lungs and causing commotion whether they’re at a show, waiting in line, or just walking the park. It can become very annoying to have to listen to their continuous yelling and abrupt behavior when you’re trying to enjoy your time at the parks. Its unfortunate that cast members can’t really do anything about the chanting. Remember that not all tour groups are like this.

1. Treating Cast Members Unfairly

It’s no surprise that the magic of Disney has a lot to do with the wonderful cast members that they have. Cast members usually always go out of their way to make sure that guests are happy and taken care of. We all know that famous saying, “treat others the way you want to be treated”, so why is it that guests feel the need to scream at cast members and then expect miracles to happen? Some believe that being at the happiest place on earth means that everything is supposed to be flawless and perfect at all times, but most of the time, the errors or complications that occur are out of the control of employees, and chances are they will fix it for you if you speak in a calm and collective manner. Screaming doesn’t solve problems, so spare the embarrassment of others and your family.

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