8 Hidden Gems in Epcot’s World Showcase

World Showcase Morocco

I admit it- Epcot’s World Showcase is my favorite part of the Walt Disney World Resort. Experiencing a small taste of each country and interacting with the native cast members is relaxing, fun and educational. Each of the 11 countries represented offer dining options, shows or rides, shopping and other fun activities for the entire family. Perhaps you have wandered through World Showcase, but never really explored each country. Here are 8 hidden gems you should try on your next visit to Epcot’s World Showcase.

8. Mariachi Cobre – In Mexico, you can enjoy a mariachi band entertaining with exhilarating rhythms and classic Mexican melodies. Members play violins, guitars, trumpets and more. The group entertains outside unless the weather is bad and then you can find them inside. Grab yourself a margarita, an order of nachos and enjoy the ambiance of Mexico! *Bonus tip: After each set, the band members will be happy to pose for pictures with you.

7. Kringla Bakeri og Kafe – For a great pastry, stop in this Norwegian bakery for breakfast, dessert or just a treat in the middle of your day. Desserts include Sweet Pretzels and Rice Cream, a wonderful, rich rice pudding with strawberry topping! Another favorite is School Bread – a sweet cardamom bun filled with vanilla creme custard and topped with glazed and toasted coconut. *Bonus tip: Grab a bench in China for your family to watch Illuminations, then send one or two of your party next door to Norway to pick up dinner or a snack.

6. Trains, Trains, Trains! – If you know anything at all about Walt Disney, you know he was passionate about trains. He even had a 1/8 scale live steam locomotive in his backyard in California! At the Magic Kingdom, the train station is front and center. In Epcot’s Germany pavilion, there is an absolutely wonderful miniature train and village scene just outside the building. Your kids will love it! From an adult standpoint, the scene is quite detailed and beautiful to look at. You can have a seat and rest while your child is in a reasonably confined area, totally fascinated.

5. Voices of Liberty – An a Capella group performing American patriotic songs, the Voices of Liberty sing in the rotunda of the American Adventure Pavilion, usually about 15 minutes prior to the next showing of the American Adventure. You can purchase their CDs in the gift shop. Get there early, grab a spot in the center of the floor and prepare to be amazed! *Bonus tip: After each set, you can meet the singers personally.

4. Gardens, Waterfalls and Mountains! – Spend some time in the beautiful hill garden in Japan, where you will find rocks, flowers, lanterns, pebbles, water, foot paths and rustic bridges. Koi fish make a home in the pond in the garden. On a nice day, grab some lunch from the Katsura Grill and sit outside at the tables near the Japanese festive lights and the water. Be sure to walk through the beautiful Butterfly and Knot Herb Gardens in the UK pavilion. The traditional hedge maze is fun to walk through. Explore both sides of the street. Take the path running down the side of the Rose & Crown Pub on the French side. There’s a nice little sitting area there right by the lagoon. Everything seems so calm in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the World showcase! In Canada, be sure to walk through the Victoria gardens to the Rockies and watch the waterfalls. It’s near the back of the pavilion on the right side. It’s a cool and a quiet place to relax, especially in the heat of the summer.

3. Dine in Morocco – So many of the restaurants in Walt Disney World require a reservation ahead of time. At busy times, you will likely be out of luck without a reservation. If you ever find yourself in this predicament, try one of the restaurants in Morocco. Restaurant Marrakesh offers traditional Moroccan cuisine and live entertainment, including a belly dancer! Tangierine Cafe is a small open air cafe offering sandwiches, humus, vegetarian platters and desserts. Inside the Tangierine Cafe you will also find a Moroccan coffee and pastry counter.

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2. Impressions de France – The Palais du Cinema is the home of a French travelogue set to classical music. The score of Impressions de France was recorded in London by the National Philharmonic. The movie is approximately 18 minutes long. Scenes from Impressions de France include Normandy, Loire Valley, Cognac, Cannes, Paris and many more. This is a great place to relax and cool off on a hot summer day!

1. Fish & Chips – While you are enjoying the UK pavilion, be sure to stop by Yorkshire County Fish and Chips for a delicious treat! *Bonus tip: Grab a cold drink to enjoy with your Fish & Chips and make your way to the aforementioned UK gardens for a nice, quiet place to sit and relax.

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