8 Romantic and Inexpensive Experiences in the Magic Kingdom

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Contrary to popular belief, Disney is not just for children: In fact, it can be one of the most romantic and magical getaways you’ll experience in your life. The Magic Kingdom, in particular, offers some really great experiences that can happen with you and your loved one without spending money, or for a relatively low price! Here are just some things you can do:

8.) Take a Ride on the Liberty Square Riverboat

This classic attraction takes you out on The Rivers of America for a charmingly relaxing journey around Liberty Square and Frontierland. This is one of the sweetest experiences I’ve had at Disney World with my boyfriend. The Riverboat is a steam-powered paddler wheeler that slowly travels on the water, making it the perfect setting for a relaxing, romantic boat ride between you and your loved one, especially when you ride it at sunset!

7.) Explore New Fantasyland

Fantasyland is already charming by itself, but New Fantasyland brings it to a whole new level. With two new castles, a brand new rollercoaster, and an entire circus area, New Fantasyland offers plenty of experiences that offer romance and sweet memories. Whether it’s going on the Journey of the Little Mermaid in Prince Eric’s castle, sharing something sweet from Big Top Souvenirs, or relaxing by Gaston’s tavern, there are plenty of moments for romance, and since access to this area is included in your ticket, it doesn’t cost anything extra!

6.) Go on a Scavenger Hunt

One of the cool things about the Magic Kingdom is that there are so many details that most people don’t even know about, which means there are dozens of different scavenger hunts out there. You can find them in books, online, or even make up your own. By doing a scavenger hunt, any couple can have the experience of working together and discovering some amazing things in a romantic and magical setting.

5.) Visit Magical Attractions

Although every attraction in the Magic Kingdom is a great experience, there are ones that have more romantic charm to them. The Haunted Mansion, The Peoplemover (go at night!), and Dumbo the Flying Elephant are all great rides to go on with your loved one. Most of them fit two people, making it a perfect chance for you and your partner to experience some of the most magical rides in the Magic Kingdom. My personal favorite to go on with my boyfriend is the Haunted Mansion. Not only is it spooky and full of gothic romance, but the two-seater doom buggies you sit in make you feel like you’re the only two on the ride!

4.) Split some delicious ice cream (or another sweet treat)

There’s nothing more romantic (and sweet!) than sharing ice cream as you walk around the most magical place on Earth. There are so many options for a sweet treat, and most are relatively inexpensive. The Plaza Ice Cream Parlor features delicious Edy’s ice cream, Aloha Isle has the unique Dole Whips, and there are snack carts with Mickey Mouse Ice Cream bars all over the park. It’s so cool and refreshing after a hot day, and it’s even sweeter when shared with someone you love. If it’s a colder day, than you can grab a delicious bakery treat from Main Street Bakery, Big Top Souvenirs, or Gaston’s Tavern!

3.) Make a wish in Cinderella’s Wishing Well

In a secluded area near Cinderella’s castle, there is a beautiful little wishing well full of romantic architecture and sweet designs. This place is a hotspot for romantic moments in Walt Disney World, and it may cost you a quarter at the most; you and your sweetheart can make a wish together and toss it in the base of the well, and then maybe rest on the small bench by this charming area. It’s one of the most romantic parts of Magic Kingdom, and won’t cost more than some change!

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2.) Take a picture outside of Cinderella’s Castle

One of the most romantic and iconic ways to remember your visit to the Magic Kingdom is taking a photo with Cinderella’s Castle in the background. Finding the best spot to take it may seem difficult, but standing on the edge of Main Street in between Casey’s Corner and the Plaza Ice cream shop is one of the greatest spots because it encompasses all of the castle. Find a cast member and ask him or her to take the picture for you, or if you have Memory Maker, there are photographers who take shots of Cinderella’s Castle all day hanging around Main Street. It won’t cost much to get it printed after you get home, and you can pick up an awesome but inexpensive Disney-themed frame in the park.

1.) Watch the Fireworks together

The most romantic thing you can do in the Magic Kingdom is watch the fireworks together. There is a wide array of options for watching the fireworks: if you and your loved ones are adrenaline junkies, watch them from Big Thunder Mountain; if you and your loved one are fans of watching Fireworks by the water, then find a nice bench near the Rivers of America in Frontierland and Liberty Square so you can feel the cool breeze and rest together. No matter where you are, though, there is not denying that the Fireworks are the most romantic thing to do in the Magic Kingdom, and the best part is that it’s totally free.

The Magic Kingdom is, without a doubt, one of the most romantic places on Earth. These things are all inexpensive, and having personally done all of them, they’ve made some of my trips with my boyfriend all the more amazing.

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