Abigail Disney Has Some Thoughts About Bob Iger

Abigail Disney blasts Bob Iger
Abigail Disney and Bob Iger. Credit: Flickr

Abigail Disney has never been shy about expressing her feelings, especially about the company that bares her last name. Fresh off her recent arrest in the Hamptons, Disney sat down with Rolling Stone Magazine, saving her venom for current Disney CEO Bob Iger.

Abigail Disney

Photo Credits: New York Communities For Change and CNN

Disney has been an outspoken critic of some of the policies of the Disney Company, especially Cast Member pay. And Iger recently gave her more ammunition when he discussed the current actor’s strike with CNBC. Iger called the strike “disappointing” and called the actor’s demands “unreasonable.” With those statements, Iger has become the poster child for out-of-touch CEOs.

Disney accused Iger of spending too much time at “summer camp for billionaires” and forgetting that there were people in this world who weren’t billionaires.

Disney told Rolling Stone:

I have a theory that Bob Iger retired on one planet in 2020 and came back on a new planet, and he doesn’t realize he’s on a new planet now. And on this new planet, all CEOs are magic people who are always right about everything. And sometimes, on this planet, Twitter will come down on you like a ton of bricks if you misspeak. I think he’s been very surprised by the way people reacted to him.

Abigail Disney Arrested

Credit: New York Communities For Change

Abigail Disney is the granddaughter of Disney Company co-founder Roy Disney, Walt Disney’s brother. She is also a documentary filmmaker. She is also a documentary filmmaker. Disney has been critical of Bob Iger and his predecessor, CEO Bob Chapek. She was especially critical of the CEOs making over $50 million a year while Disney employees sleep in their cars. 

Disney used her anger to create the documentary, The American Dream and Other Fairy Tales (2022). In the interview, she warned that Disney will have a labor problem if they continue to mistreat their workers. She used the documentary to try to unionize non-union Disney Workers.

Abigail Disney

Abigail Disney Credit: Sportsfile, Flickr

When asked if Bob Iger was the right person to lead the company with her name on it, she refused to answer the question. Instead, she said that no matter how she responded to the question, it would “haunt her on Google for the rest of her life.”

The Disney Heiress and Iger probably won’t hang out together anytime soon, especially not on his private jet.

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