Alarm Incident Sends Disney Monorail Into Reverse

Images Credit: World of Disney / Clipart

Video captures one of Walt Disney World Resort’s transportation systems going into reverse due to an alarm that took place at the Transportation and Ticket Center.

When visiting Magic Kingdom Park, Guests are parked over a mile away at the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC). At this location, Guests can take a ferry or Monorail to the Magic Kingdom Park entrance or make a decision to go on the EPCOT on an express Monorail.

Credit: World of Disney

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On Saturday, July 30, Guests noticed a rare sight of the EPCOT and Transportation and Ticket Center connecting Monorail. It was going in reverse!

@bioreconstruct shared a video noting, “Video! Monorail Coral travels in reverse from just outside TTC Transportation and Ticket Center back to EPCOT station. Due to alarm in TTC.”

You can hear the Monorail pilot let the Guests on the Monorail know they are traveling in reverse for safety and apologize for the inconvenience:

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@bioreconstruct also comments that the reason for the reverse was, “Fire alarm is what we were told. Monorail Black sat outside EPCOT and wait for Coral to eventually return to TTC.” Further noting, “We stopped at EPCOT station. TTC backwards to EPCOT. Black waited outside EPCOT station until Coral resumed normal direction.”

Here’s another video clip of the EPCOT Monorail running in reverse as seen from within the Disney Park:

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Further details of the fire alarm at the Transportation and Ticket Center are still unknown. It sounds like this was a standard precaution, however, to ensure Guests’ safety by moving the Walt Disney World Monorail and its Guests away from the possible source of the alarm.

We’re glad it sounds like the situation was minor, and the Disney Monorail transportation resumed normal shortly after the incident occurred.

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