Amid Price Backlash, One Guest Says Disney World Should Cost MORE

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Over the past several months, The Walt Disney World Resort has taken measures to increase pricing in several areas, elevating Guests’ overall vacation costs. We at Disney Fanatic have covered several of these instances. Disney World decided to replace the free FastPass+ System with the extra-cost Lightning Lane. Disney stopped Annual Pass sales and increased the price of multi-day Theme Park tickets while still restricting the Park Hopper Option.

While, on the whole, the higher costs have sparked negative backlash, one Guest argues that The Most Magical Place On Earth should actually be more expensive.

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A Reddit user identified as u/wolverinero79 argued that even though he doesn’t necessarily like the idea of paying more for his Disney World experience, he sees the business sense in raising the prices.

He wrote:

Everyone’s frustrated with long lines and Genie+ being a wash or gamble, right? Overall, we recognize that Genie+ being used by a high % (and Disney’s earning’s call numbers citing 30% Genie+ usage is definitely really high) makes the park overall increase wait times (see the defunctland video). If the park capacity is a fixed good, what can Disney do besides massively increase prices? I don’t mean the annual 10% that is in line with real inflation, but something like 50% or 100% increases. What’s going to move the needle of park demand? Slower increases didn’t do it. Genie+ and IAS didn’t do it. Keep in mind there are still people too scared to go (COVID) and people barred from entry (UK as an example), so there’s actually going to be more people going to Disney in the future than even now. And our population isn’t going down anytime soon (2100 before we swap to decreasing population)… Not that I want to pay more for disney, but if my 12K week long trip for my family was instead 15 or 20, I’d probably still go. I think it’d have to be 25K before I balk.

As we move closer to Spring Break and Disney Parks continue to reach capacity, it is clear that Guests are still more than willing to pay for the extra costs.

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The Walt Disney World Resort is a massive property offering iconic and high-quality attractions and entertainment to Guests across four different theme parks, two water parks, dozens of resort hotels, a sports complex, and a shopping and dining center. As cutting-edge attractions like TRON and Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind continue to open and capacity deals with an ever-growing demand as pandemic restrictions come to an end, Guests will have to ask themselves if they think that a Walt Disney World Resort Vacation is worth it.

Tree of Life, Disney's Animal Kingdom

A warm light emanates from the Tree of Life when it transforms into a Beacon of Magic at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, as part of the resorts 50th anniversary celebration. (Todd Anderson, photographer)

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