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“Attention is One Hell of a Drug”: Will Disney Ever Ban Streaming and Vlogging at the Disney Parks?

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Streaming and vlogging at the Disney Parks has long since been one of the most controversial and frustrating behaviors on the part of Guests. In the list of inconsiderate or bad behavior, many would agree that it probably ranks high on the list. In fact, Guests have been so frustrated by the act, and it has gotten so out of hand in some Disney Resorts that one Disney Park even banned streaming and vlogging capabilities.

sleeping beauty castle, disneyland park, disneyland resort

Sleeping Beauty Castle, Disneyland Park, Disneyland Resort/Credit: Disney

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Considering this reality, many fans constantly express a desire for Disney to do something about streaming and vlogging at the Parks. Time and again, they have expressed how fans disrupt the Disney Theme Park experience and ruin the Disney magic for fellow Guests.

Most recently, this issue has reared its head again with one fan taking to social media to share their frustrations. Reddit user and Disney Guest u/Knotfornots addressed TikTok streamers directly, saying, “It would be awesome if you stopped streaming in dark rides…and talking to your “fans” the entire time. Some of us have spent thousands of dollars, lots of time spent traveling, waiting an hour to ride only to have you with your flash on ruin the experience for people.”


The Mickey Pumpkin on Main Street, U.S.A. at Disneyland Resort is considered to be a fall and autumn staple for fall-loving Disneyland Guests/Credit: Disney

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The Guest also expressed the sentiment that they wished Disney would do something about this “irritating trend.”

In response, one Reddit user, u/heysame, shared, “Attention is one hell of a drug.”

Another user, u/GarbageBagJuice, commented, “It feels these days like people make everything they do about getting attention on social media. Everything is a performance trying to get likes and fame.”

disneyland resort pixar pier

Pixar Pier, Disney California Adventure Park / Credit: Disney

Yet another fan shared how they dealt with the issue,

I always yell “turn off the flash!!!” and usually by the second time they do it. I hate attention from people by being loud but I cannot stand when people ruin a ride with their filming with flash on. Ruins it for the kids who are experiencing Disney for the first time, ruins it for the people that spent thousands to fly from out of country and might only ride this once, and ruins it for me even though I go often! There’s no excuse for being so rude!

Streaming and vlogging has been an issue at the Disney Parks around the world be that the Walt Disney World Resort in Central Florida with its magical Theme Parks like Magic Kingdom Park or Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, as well as at the Disneyland Resort.

It’s certainly not ideal at the Parks at all, and Guests need to be more considerate of each other. Perhaps, the way Disney made clear their policy on bad behavior at the Parks, there could be another rule change coming?

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