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A frequent visitor of Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort, Andrew will likely be found freefalling on Twilight Zone Tower of Terror or enjoying Pirates of the Caribbean. Over at Universal, he'll be taking in the thrills of the Jurassic World Velocicoaster and Revenge of the Mummy

Confirmed: Chris Pratt Cut From $3.98 Billon Franchise

Chriss Pratt Guardians Galaxy Marvel

Actor Chris Pratt is moving on from his iconic roles, including with a franchise that has made nearly $4 billion. Chris Pratt’s career breakthrough came with his role as Andy Dwyer in the hit TV series Parks and Recreation (2009-2015), where he showcased his comedic prowess and endearing charm. However, it was his transition to the big screen that truly ...

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‘Pirates’ Star Johnny Depp Drops Bombshell, NOT Finished!

Johnny Depp Pirates

Actor Johnny Depp isn’t done acting, and there are undoubtedly some big projects on the horizon for the 60-year-old entertainer. Johnny Depp’s journey began in the 1980s, when he gained widespread recognition for his role as Officer Tom Hanson in the hit television series 21 Jump Street (1987-1991). Depp’s portrayal of the young, undercover cop navigating the complexities of high school ...

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Major Updates: James Gunn Joins Tom Holland, ‘Spider-Man 4’

Spiderman Tom Hollands

Major trends are on the horizon for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its competition, particularly regarding Spider-Man 4, which stars Tom Holland. Since its inception, the role of Spider-Man in live-action films has been portrayed by three different actors, each bringing their own unique interpretation of the beloved superhero. Tobey Maguire first donned the iconic red and ...

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‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Cast Update: Keanu Reeves Officially Lands Role

Johnny Depp Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves has been one of the biggest trending names in all of Hollywood, particularly in the last several days. In a leap of cinematic faith, Keanu Reeves is diving headfirst into one legendary franchise, lending his voice to Shadow in Sonic the Hedgehog 3 while whispers of his involvement in Pirates of the Caribbean 6 ignite speculation. In a ...

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Updates: Disney World’s Cinderella Castle to Be Overhauled After 53 Years

Cinderella Castle Magic Kingdom

Recent developments at Walt Disney World Resort have ignited speculation among fans as construction permits hint at potential changes for one of the park’s most cherished landmarks: Cinderella Castle. While details remain scarce, the filing of permits suggests that the castle, a symbol of enchantment and wonder, may undergo alterations in the near future. Cinderella Castle, standing tall since its ...

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“Fresh Start,” Johnny Depp Finally Speaks Out Amid ‘Pirates’ Controversy

Johnny Depp Captain Jack Sparrow Pirates

It’s been quite some time since actor Johnny Depp has been in the spotlight, especially as the ongoing Pirates of the Caribbean controversy continues. In an eagerly anticipated moment for fans and film enthusiasts alike, Deadline reported that Johnny Depp has broken his silence and emerged back into the limelight, presenting his new film at the UK premiere. The event ...

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NEW: Florence Pugh, Dwayne Johnson Cast in Controversial ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’

Florence Pugh Dwayne Johnson

New horizons are upcoming for Disney’s controversial Pirates of the Caribbean 6 project, likely without Johnny Depp. Though there is still a flicker of hope that Disney will return to its original form and bring back Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, the latest indications say that will not be the case. Pirates of the Caribbean producer Jerry Bruckheimer revealed ...

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“Woke” Actress Redefining Classic Narratives Beyond ‘Snow White’

Zegler and Snow White

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is about to be reimagined and changed when Disney releases its live-action version next year, but that’s not the only classic story to be getting a remake. Credit: Disney Starring Rachel Zegler (Snow White), Gal Gadot (Evil Queen), and Andrew Burnap (Jonathan) among a host of CGI characters, Disney’s Snow White (2025) was originally ...

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‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6: New Horizon’ Trailer Drops With “2025 Release”

Pirates of the Caribbean

In its release, a brand new trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean 6 has quickly gone viral. The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, launched in 2003 with Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, quickly became a cultural phenomenon. The film, directed by Gore Verbinski and starring Johnny Depp as the eccentric pirate Captain Jack Sparrow, captured ...

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