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A Look At 3 Of Disney World’s Dinner Shows – Which One Is Right For You?

Nestled inside two beloved Walt Disney World Resorts you’ll find three unique dinner shows—no, dinner EXTRAVAGANZAS—that combine dynamic entertainment with enjoyable, eat-until-your-hearts-content food. Appealing to guests of all ages, these one-of-a-kind stage performances are a great way to stamp a lasting memory on your magical Disney vacation. The fact that you get to scarf down plate after plate of finger-lickin’ ...

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Best of the Best At Disney World: Foodie Edition – 13 Things You’ll Love

Disney food options have come a long way from their humble hamburger and French fry beginnings. Sure, they still have hamburgers and French fries, but now those burgers are topped with things like lobster meat or fried eggs, and those French fries are loaded with unique fixings like barbeque pork and coleslaw. Lately, there is no better place for a ...

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7 Tricks for Getting the Most out of Disney World Fireworks

How Well Do You Know Disney's Magic Kingdom?

Disney fireworks are vibrant spectacles that elicit a euphoric response from children and adults alike. A perfect way to top off a perfect day, no Disney vacation would be complete without viewing these dynamic, pyrotechnic extravaganzas. Always a must-see, these fireworks shows tell stories through synchronized song and dialogue. Dazzling displays of bursting color light up the night sky at ...

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9 Reasons You’ll Love Disney World In Spring

It’s that time of year when the gray skies give way to blue. Sweet aromas fill the air with the blooming of new flowers. Vibrant shades of green begin peeking up from the earth and adorning trees. The days become longer, the birds chirpier and the sun brighter. Olaf may prefer summer, but spring is the season for me. The ...

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8 Best Counter Service Restaurants in Epcot’s World Showcase

When I visit Epcot’s World Showcase, I make sure I’m going on an empty stomach. A foodie to the core, I get really excited about sampling international fare, indulging my taste buds in authentic and unique cuisine. Already an avid Disney World devotee, the idea of taking a food pilgrimage around Epcot’s World Showcase just makes me bristle with anticipation. ...

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10 Amazingly Beautiful “Secret” Spots Around Disney World

You know that moment when you stumble upon a hidden and empty Disney World alcove and you look around you, realizing with certainty that you are the first and only one to have ever stepped foot onto those grounds? You sit down, close your eyes in giddy delight, and vow to never, ever tell another soul about your secret Disney ...

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Top 10 Decadent Chocolate Desserts At Disney

Elsa: What is that AMAZING smell? (Anna and Elsa breathe in deeply) Both: CHOCOLATE! For me, a day that doesn’t include chocolate is a sad day indeed. I keep a dark chocolate stash on hand for moments when I’m happy, moody, hungry, awake, etcetera. I’d like to think it’s because eating dark chocolate daily effectively reduces my risk of heart ...

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9 Romantic Disney World Activities You Might Be Missing!

Disney knows romance. Think about some of the most memorable scenes straight out of a Disney animated classic that set your heart a-flutter. There’s Rapunzel and Flynn drifting with locked-eyes on a boat under a night sky full of floating lanterns. Lady and the Tramp show us how to make a spaghetti and meatball dinner date swoon-worthy and dreamy. Aladdin ...

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