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Top 10 Things to Do at Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival

Epcot Food and Wine Festival

There are certain events I make a point of participating in each and every year, traditions that I have grown to really anticipate. Often we need that light at the end of a tunnel, that future date on the calendar that we stare at with longingness and eager excitement as we move through sometimes frenzied work weeks or days that ...

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8 Things You Probably Didn’t know about Frontierland in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom!


The old time Wild West greets you when you enter Magic Kingdom’s Frontierland, a place where the happy plucks of banjo strings and the smoky aroma of turkey legs follows you down clapboard building-lined streets resembling those of America’s pioneer homeland. Boasting some of the park’s most beloved attractions, you’ll find everything from one of Magic Kingdom’s original features—The Country ...

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Hurricanes at Walt Disney World – 5 Things You Must Know

Disney Hurricane

In my book, there is rarely ever a bad time to plan a Disney World vacation, but it’s important (necessary, crucial, etc.) to plan ahead and become educated on what each season may bring when traveling there, whether that includes exponentially high crowd levels, severe weather, or something of the like. As many of us who have summered at the ...

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20 Most Romantic Things To Do At Walt Disney World Resort

Disney and romance go together like Tink and her pixie dust, like Mary Poppins and her manners, like Cinderella and her glass slipper (or Prince Charming, for that matter). You can’t think of Disney and not be reminded of the beautiful love stories that weave their way into most every Disney animated classic, setting our hearts aflutter and making us ...

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Top 10 Meals You Can’t Miss At Disney Resorts

Polynesian Resort Ohana's Grill

I count it a goal of mine to experience as much as I possibly can at Walt Disney World, the food being no exception. Sitting down for a table-service meal at a Disney World resort is always a huge treat for me and because I love tasting the wide variety of meals and flavors available, I frequent the resort restaurants ...

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15 Delightful Magic Kingdom Experiences Many People Don’t Know About

Main Street

Think you know everything there is to know about Magic Kingdom? You just might, but chances are there is an experience or two that has slipped through the cracks, going unnoticed by many first-time visitors and even sometimes self-proclaimed Disney fanatics. Some of these experiences are more obscure than others, but none of them are secrets. They are simply those ...

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Top 10 Disney World Breakfasts


My favorite kind of day begins with me waking up at a Walt Disney World Resort in the early morning hours, heading out for an amazing breakfast, and jump starting the Disney fun from there. I’m a long-time believer in the power of a good breakfast to fuel your body for the day ahead and whether it’s a full course ...

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8 Reasons Why Disney Is Good For The Soul

Do you remember that scene in Tangled when Rapunzel catches her very first up-close glimpse of the floating lights from the boat? Scrambling to get to the edge for a better view, her eyes grow wide and her breath is stolen away as the lanterns rise in scattered unison above her in the night sky. The viewer can practically feel ...

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Top 10 Quick-Service Restaurants at the Disney World Resorts

Disney resort hopping is a favorite pastime (especially during the holiday season!) and because there is an “open-resort” policy (*see special note below) anyone can check out the myriad of different Disney resorts and all the fun things they have to offer. Regardless of whether you are staying on property or not you can dine at the different Disney resorts, ...

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Bread Winners! Our 10 Favorite Warm, Delicious Breads At Disney World

Sanaa Bread Service

Do you love bread? Do warm, soft, pillow-y, baked loaves straight from the oven set your heart aflutter? Perhaps you prefer crusty, chewy bread slathered with soft, salted butter or maybe even sweetened bread like honeyed cornbread or raisin bread? If you are anything like me, you’ll be happy to know that the Disney World restaurants have some of the ...

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