Bans Issued, Blood Cleaned Off Pavement After Huge Disney Fight

Disney World Magic Kingdom Fight
A fight in the Disney World theme park called the Magic Kingdom recently led to lifetime bans and blood on the streets. Credit: Gracey's Bro Twitter

On May 16, two families decided to head to Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom for a day of fun attractions, delicious food, and time together. Little did they know that it would end in punches thrown and blood left for Disney Cast Members to clean up. Unfortunately, that’s what did happen. And the sad thing is, the knock-down-drag-out happened all because of a photo spot in front of the Walt Disney World Railroad.

Walt Disney World Railroad

Credit: Disney

Videos of the fight quickly started going viral on social media. People were shocked at the disgraceful behavior exhibited by one party. Not much information was known at the time of the fight, but we now know it was all because one family asked another to move so they could take a photo. One member of the family that was asked to move got very upset and began throwing punches. Then other members of his party became involved. Equally as disturbing was the fact that one woman in the attacking party was holding a toddler while another young boy watched from the side.

It has been a few days since the fight happened, and we are learning more about the consequences for the party who instigated the fight. According to the Orange County Sheriff’s office, two people were issued trespass notices from Disney. That means they are not allowed to return to the property. We do not know how long that bans are in place, but due to the extreme violence they exhibited, it is most likely a lifetime ban.

Fight Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

Credit: Gracey Bros TikTok

The Sheriff’s Office also confirmed that no one was arrested after the fight. The office said that the victim did not wish to press charges. They were treated by medical professionals at the scene.

Recently, videos have also started circulating of the aftermath of the fight. TikToker jfrosty827 shared a video of Disney Cast Members standing around a blocked off area while other Cast Members cleaned blood off the ground.


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Violent behavior or disrespectful behavior of any type is strictly prohibited at Disney. Disney reserves the right to remove any Guests from the Parks who are acting in a disruptive, dangerous, or violent manner. Disney will also issue bans to those whose behavior is particularly egregious.

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