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Beloved Disney Experience Appears To Be Closed Forever

disneyland closure
Credit: HarshLight, Flickr

Disneyland Resort attraction “The Royal Swing Band Ball” has been closed since before the pandemic, and fans are beginning to worry that the closure is permanent.

The Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort are known to be some of the most incredible places on the planet to enjoy a Disney vacation. From incredible rides like Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Magic Kingdom Park and Disneyland Park to lands like Pandora in Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Avengers Campus in Disney California Adventure Park, there’s a lot to love about being a Disney theme park guest.

haunted mansion disneyland

Haunted Mansion, Disneyland Park, Disneyland Resort in Southern California/ Credit: Disney

One of our least favorite kinds of news to report is closures. Closures are common enough at any Disney Park, particularly when it relates to refurbishment. Many attractions and rides must be shut down temporarily for routine maintenance to adhere to Disney’s strict safety standards. But sometimes, closures can be permanent, as well.

One of the most well-known (and controversial) permanent closures in the Disney community is the Splash Mountain closure and retheme to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. While some Disney fans welcomed the change, many were markedly unhappy.

However, now it appears Disney has sneakily permanently closed another experience. As reported by PopCulture, “The Royal Swing Band Ball” seems to be permanently closed, much to many fans’ chagrin.

indiana jones adventure

Indiana Jones Adventure, Disneyland Park, Disneyland Resort/Credit: Disney

The location was the perfect spot for guests to unwind; it allowed fans to put on their dancing shoes and tap their feet to music from a swing band that performed live on Saturday nights. During the day, the same venue was used for plays.

The Disneyland website states that the experience is “temporarily unavailable,” which has been the case since the final performance, pre-COVID.

One fan took the time to mourn the loss of the experience. He shared,

For my wife and I, this was always a highlight of our Saturday nights in the park. We shed a tear every Saturday night we’re in the park without the live band, busy dance floor, skilled dancers, and eyes all around us. I get that there are small shows in DCA and DTD, but they’re honestly not the same as what we had.

After 2 years, is it finally time we give up hope of this experience coming back in this form?

disneyland resort pixar pier

Pixar Pier, Disney California Adventure Park, Disneyland Resort / Credit: Disney

Another fan agreed, sharing his “best night” at Disney: “A summer night, soaking from Splash Mountain, swing dancing with my daughter, my son with my wife, and the electrical parade going down Main Street.”

It’s important to note that there has been no official word on the experience’s status from the Disneyland Resort or the Walt Disney Company; however, the fact that the experience has been closed since before the pandemic doesn’t leave many hopeful for its future.

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