Bluey Officially Arrives at Walt Disney World!

Bluey Disney World Hide n Seek
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In 2018, Australian children were introduced to a Blue Heeler puppy, named Bluey, and her family. Bluey has a younger sister, Bingo (a Red Heeler), her dad Bandit (a Blue Heeler), and her mom, Chilli (a Red Heeler). Bluey followed the Heeler family as they went through the ups, downs, and all-around craziness of being a family with two young and energetic children.

Parents Cautioned Bluey Topics

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In just five short years,¬†Bluey¬†has become one of the most popular children’s shows on the planet. It is so popular that, in 2019, The Walt Disney Company purchased the international streaming rights to Bluey.¬†American audiences seem to love Bluey¬†as much as Australian families, and¬†Bluey¬†is the most popular children’s show streaming on Disney+.


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Now, after months of waiting and hoping, Bluey and the rest of the Heeler family have made their way to Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida!

Guests visiting Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground can now take part in the Heeler Family Hide ‘N’ Seek! The new event was shared on X (formerly Twitter) by Belle (@FiBelleFi).

I’m a winner

The Heeler Family Hide ‘N’ Seek began on November 2. According to Disney, the Heeler family is on vacation at Walt Disney World Resort. Bluey needs your help in finding the rest of her family members, so she can be named the “hide ‘n’ seek” winner at Thanksgiving dinner. It is particularly special because this is the family’s first Thanksgiving, and it’s not a holiday they celebrate in Australia.


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Guests will be given a series of clues, which they will follow to find Bluey’s family members. Once they find all the members of the Heeler family, they can head to the Fort Wilderness Bike Barn and get a prize! The clue guide is available daily from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Family’s Love Bluey, Even With Its Complicated Messages

One of the things that people love about¬†Bluey¬†is that it is not like other children’s shows. The show doesn’t focus on teaching kids their ABCs or how to tie their shoes.¬†Bluey¬†dives into deep and complicated topics, but does it on a level that children can understand.


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Bluey has discussed issues like death, miscarriages, and infertility. Because of this, parents have been warned that the show may cause children to ask questions parents might not be ready to answer. Parents are encouraged to watch Bluey with their children, so they can think about how they want to talk about these serious topics if their children bring them up.

disney+ censors new bluey episodes


While Bluey is adored by children around the world, it is not without fault. The show has been called out for allegedly showing fat-shaming. Disney has also been called out for trying to censor the show. They have released new episodes on Disney+, but watered them down first.

The first three seasons of Bluey are currently available to stream on Disney+. It is also airing on The Disney Channel and Disney Junior.

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