Try as He Might, Bob Iger Can’t Escape Reality

Bob Iger criticism
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Disney CEO Bob Iger is trending on Twitter again. It must be Tuesday. In all seriousness, the prominent Disney leader has again found his name plastered across social media for all the wrong reasons. While the extremely wealthy CEO was praised in the past, it seems like he is having a rough go navigating a more hostile fandom who aren’t afraid to eat him alive this time.

Disney CEO Bob Iger

Disney CEO Bob Iger wants your money. Credit: Disney

A Mess of Iger’s Own Making

Bob Iger’s immense wealth and seeming lack of self-awareness have prepared him for disaster since his return to Disney. The CEO is on track to pocket $27 million annually, and with his contract recently extended until 2026, the potential for even greater earnings looms large. His estimated net worth currently stands at a staggering $690 million.

SAG-AFTRA, the actors union, is still embroiled with WGA in a strike that has shown no signs of stopping. The deadlock in contract negotiations with studios has halted the industry for over a month. The union is pushing for higher minimum pay rates, fair streaming residuals, and improved working conditions, all while grappling with the growing influence of artificial intelligence in entertainment.

In a recent interview, Bob Iger dismissed the union’s demands as “unrealistic” and “troubling.” He contends that studios are still reeling from the pandemic’s fallout and asserts that this is the worst possible time to introduce further disruptions. Iger stressed the importance of fair negotiations with writers and actors but cautioned that their current expectations are simply out of sync with reality.

Since then, many critics haven’t let up on him, even after he has tried to retcon the narrative. He has been dragged through the mud by actors, writers, and the masses on social media. Iger looms large, but his presence seems completely dumbfounded at how to handle such a fall from grace. He has put his foot in his mouth several times this year, and his attempts to garner sincerity have brought only more heat.

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Bob Iger Criticism

Iger recently tweeted a post patting Disney on the back for its Aspire Program. He listed the accomplishments that it has provided for eligible Disney cast members. He then linked to a public relations article released by Disney promoting his impromptu visit to these Aspire Program recipients. Twitter ripped off the disguise and immediately dragged him across the concrete.

So proud of the Disney Aspire program, which offers 100% paid education for eligible hourly employees. In five years, nearly 4000 current employees have graduated – and 3100 Disney Aspire students have been promoted within the company. Met several inspiring graduates at Disneyland today, who shared their amazing, life-changing stories.

People were not entertaining his sincerity for even a second. The CEO immediately started trending on the platform, with hundreds of comments telling him to pay adequate wages to actors, writers, and Disney employees. Sure, the program does help a small portion of cast members get affordable higher education, but there are plenty who can’t use it.

Hey bob, you should pay the creative people responsible for your lavish lifestyle. Considering you are not creative or remotely inspiring and your livelihood depends on those who are.

Users have unapologetically dug into Iger, calling out his immense wealth. Many do not think he should even attempt sincerity while employees are living paycheck to paycheck or having to strike for their demands.

The amount of money you pay everyone at your company (writers, actors, production coordinators, assistants) is absolutely horrendous. You should be ashamed to be a human being. If you really care about being on the right side of history, you would stop hoarding your own wealth

This is just a sample of the attacks lodged at the Disney CEO. If you take a look at his initial post, you can find a swarm of angry comments bombarding him with calls to action.

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Credit: Disney

The public is becoming increasingly hostile towards wealth at the expense of employees. Iger’s fall from grace is just the result of a society that is starting to argue against one man making infinite wealth on the backs of others. The Bob Iger criticism will likely continue until he addresses the giant problems Disney cast members and employees face.

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