British Royals Make Discouraging Disney-Related Confession

kate middleton and prince william walking with prince george princess charlotte and prince louis
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In the United Kingdom, Prince William and Kate Middleton (and other members of the royal family) are very recognizable public figures. However, even public figures have their indulgences — and apparently, one of this royal couple’s indulgences does not involve as much Disney as it used to!

Prince William and Kate Middleton receive a lot of attention on their own, but their three children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are now the cause of many adorable moments in the British press as well — and the Disney films that permeate this royal family’s household have just been revealed, with one disturbing change!

Coco Family

Credit: Disney/Pixar

The Prince and Princess of Wales spoke briefly about Prince George’s favorite Disney movies recently — and Princess Charlotte was spotted enjoying a famously-catchy tune from one recent Disney movie, too — unveiling the news that their children enjoy Disney movies, but that their interests have also begun to shift away from Disney films.

Some of Prince George’s favorite Disney movies are reportedly the poignant Disney movies Coco (2017) and The Lion King (1994).


Prince Harry reportedly spent thousands of pounds on a first edition of ‘Winnie the Pooh’ as a gift for his nephew.

However, Kate Middleton also recently revealed thatĀ PaddingtonĀ is high on her son’s list, and that he’s also begun gravitating towards non-Disney movies likeĀ How To Train Your Dragon (2010), the Octonauts series, and the popular LEGO movies.

Prince George is evidently veering away from Disney (just like many older Disney fans are, especially fans of Walt Disney World Resort who have begun to boycott the Walt Disney Company due to a recent $100K controversy), but Prince Louis might take on a stronger interest in Disney content (especially since his uncle Prince Harry gave him a very expensive Winnie the Pooh present several years ago, due to a heartwarming Princess Diana memory).

Bruno in 'Encanto'

Bruno in ‘Encanto’ Credit: Disney Animation

Apparently Princess Charlotte is still enjoying the Disney magic, too, as she was seen dancing while listening to the notoriously-addicting Encanto song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” in Cardiff. However, theĀ EncantoĀ song is known for being too catchy to forget, so this may be an exception when it comes to the children’s shift away from Disney movies!

Have you started to watch less Disney movies with time, or are you still an ardent fan of Disney films (including new releases like the 2022 movie Encanto and the 2021 filmĀ Raya and the Last Dragon)?

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