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“They Don’t Care” – Reported ‘Pro-Slavery’ Disney Employee Unconcerned About Losing Job

disney employee racism

Note:¬†An earlier version of this article noted the OP was a Disney/ESPN employee, though new context offers that he did not work for ESPN in reality. Additionally, the OP’s X account has also been suspended.¬† Despite Disney’s care for its image, one of its reported employees recently made some shocking statements online, with allegedly no consequence. Any Disney fan is ...

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FREE BEER! Disney Rival Has Unique Giveaway for Guests

Disney World rival SeaWorld free beer offer

It’s that time of year again. The entire country finds itself in the depths of a deep freeze, and everyone is thinking about their next vacation to Florida. But even Florida is experiencing lower-than-average temperatures this week, so warm vacations may have to wait a few weeks. But it’s also that time of year when you get those holiday credit ...

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‘Star Wars’ Could Have Been VERY Different With the Original Princess Leia Casting

princess leia star wars

There are always fun stories when it comes to casting iconic roles, and today, we have another fun tidbit for you! Over the years, there have been myriad fascinating stories about the behind-the-scenes happenings of some of our favorite films. Today, we have an incredible story from the Star Wars¬†franchise. Per a recent report, it turns out there’s a universe ...

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What Big News Are We Expecting from Disney in 2024?

biggest disney updates 2024

There is a lot of news we’ve been expecting from Disney and relating to the Walt Disney World Resort; here’s what we’re looking forward to. There has been much going on in the world of Disney and the Disney Parks. 2023 saw major upheaval as it followed through on the major event of 2022: former Disney CEO Bob Chapek being ...

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Labor Union Wants Disney Out of Politics

Labor Union Wants Disney Out of Politics

In 2022, the FBI alleged that¬†officials in Anaheim were engaged in a “cabal” that included executives from Disneyland. The mayor of Anaheim was forced to resign over the corruption scandal. The FBI also alleged that The Walt Disney Company used its power in Orange County to influence policymakers to ensure they would create policies that were friendly to Disney. A ...

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Booze Is a Cash Cow For Disney, So Why Was Walt So Against It?

Walt Disney and alcohol in the parks

Walk around the Walt Disney World Resort, or any Disney Park for that matter, and it’s everywhere. It was one of the items that Walt Disney banned from his parks, but now it has become as ubiquitous as Mickey-shaped ice cream bars or popcorn. It is alcohol. Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort have embraced the sale and consumption of ...

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Disney Has a Hollywood Studios Problem That Only Expansion Can Solve

Disney Hollywood Studios crowds expansion

Last year, when Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products Josh D’Amaro announced at the D23 Expo that Animal Kingdom would be the next Disney World park to be expanded, it made perfect sense. Animal Kingdom has the lowest park attendance at Disney World and has not had a meaningful expansion since Pandora: The World of Avatar opened in 2017. ...

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Internal Squabbles Over Money and Creative Direction Have Hampered Disney World Expansion Plans

Internal squabbles have hampered Disney World expansion

Right down the street from the Walt Disney World Resort, its main rival, Universal Studios Orlando, is about to unveil its new Epic Universe. It will add thousands of hotel rooms and a third gat to Universal, positioning it as the grown-up alternative to Disney World. But beyond its expansion in Central Florida, Universal has also announced plans to build ...

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‘Employees Are Smiling Because They Don’t Own Disney Stock,’ Peltz Takes His Proxy Battle to Disney World

Nelson Peltz looking for two Disney board seats

He’s back! And this time, he’s out for blood. A little over a year after activist investor Nelson Peltz launched his first attack on the Board of the Walt Disney Company, he’s back for a second proxy battle. Disney CEO Bob Iger was able to satisfy Peltz last year with a round of job cuts and cost-saving measures, but Peltz ...

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City Permits Show Big Changes Coming to TWO U.S. Disney Parks

Disneyland Permits Mickey and Minnie Construction

The Walt Disney Company often plays things close to the chest. Despite big announcements at D23 or during stockholder meetings, there are many projects Disney tries to keep hushed up. Related:¬†Disney Channel Alum Airs Dirty Laundry…Ignites Potential Lawsuit Building Permits for Disneyland Resort But one of the easiest ways to see what plans are actually in the works is to ...

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