CONFIRMED: Interactive “Hey Disney” Feature Debuts in Polynesian Resort


Disney fans have been keeping a watchful eye on any news coming from the Walt Disney Company, Disneyland Resort, or Walt Disney World Resort after the big news last week about former CEO Bob Iger’s return and Bob Chapek’s exit from the role — not to mention returning CEO Bob Iger’s revealing statements yesterday — and now Disney has just confirmed some news on a smaller scale that will affect many Disney Resort Guests!

disney's polynesian resort

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort/Disney

Apparently, the controversial “Hey Disney” service and voice assistant is making its debut in Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort across from the Magic Kingdom in Florida. According to journalist Scott Gustin, “Walt Disney World confirms “Hey Disney” is “beginning its rollout in limited rooms at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort” before expanding to other hotels.”

Gustin shared some footage in the Tweet below of interactions with “Hey Disney,” which is a technological feature that will remind many Disney Guests of “Hey Google”, Siri, or Alexa features and devices. “Hey Disney” has several interactive features, including trivia, schedule questions, and even joke-telling!

“Hey Disney” calls itself Guests’ “magical Disney companion” as well as Guests’ “concierge and party host”.

Scott Gustin added in the Tweets shown below that using “Hey Disney” is not a mandatory part of a Walt Disney World Resort vacation. “When you arrive in your room, “Hey Disney” will be muted. Once unmuted, the digital voice assistant will listen for the wake words “Hey Disney” or “Alexa.” You can keep the device muted during your stay,” Gustin wrote, adding in another Tweet that “you can just unplug for your stay – or you can contact Front Desk if you want it removed from your room for your stay.”

In addition, “the device will not be linked to your Disney account – so it won’t be booking Genie+, etc. The device is linked to your room, so you will be able to order towels – but there is no crosslinking to your MDX/Disney account.”

The president of Disneyland Resort had already shared a bit about this upcoming technological innovation earlier this year, so Disney fans will not be surprised about the arrival of “Hey Disney” to the Polynesian Village Resort. However, reactions so far seem mixed!

Are you going to try this new feature, or are you going to keep “Hey Disney” on mute?

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