Disney CEO Bob Iger Shares Plans to Boost CM Morale

bob iger cast member morale

Bob Iger confirmed an intention and shared a message to lift Cast Members spirits at Disney, recalling the Company’s past.

As many fans know, Disney CEO Bob Iger held a Town Hall meeting earlier today for Disney employees and Cast Members, where he addressed the future of Disney and gave the community some insight into what they could expect in the coming months. During this Town Hall Iger addressed many topics, including his stance on the Parental Rights in Education or “Don’t Say Gay” bill. Among the questions he was asked, one employee or Cast Member asked him how he planned to renew Cast Members optimism.

bob iger at town hall

Bob Iger at the Town Hall

Iger spoke on the topic and shared his perspective while recalling the rich and golden past of the Walt Disney Company. He said,

“If you look at the history of companies and brands, there are only two global brands that appear in the top ten. Disney and Coca-Cola. One of the reasons is quality, innovation, and values. Focus on what the company has done, the past can be a beacon of what the future will look like.”

mickey at magic kingdom park

Mickey Mouse, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World Resort/Disney

Iger didn’t stop there. He also clarified that he genuinely believed that “the future of this company is bright.” He mentioned that Disney undoubtedly has “things to address and challenges” but that he wouldn’t have come back if he didn’t think that Disney’s future did hold a lot of potential and merit.

Bob Iger CEO Return Statement

Bob Iger with Mickey Mouse/Disney

Iger has returned to helm a very different company compared to its previous reputation. The Walt Disney Company and its properties over the last few years have been accused of many things, including the Disney Parks losing their magic, Guests behavior worsening at the Parks, and the overall quality of the Disney experience decreasing. All this happened under Disney CEO Bob Chapek’s watch, and Iger is reportedly meant to address these concerns over a two-year tenure while they look for the next CEO.

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