Dad Makes a Scene on Popular Disney Ride, Called Out by Young Son

Dad interrupts Star Tours
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Ride and attraction safety at Disney is a big deal, and the cast members take it very seriously. Nearly every Disney ride tells guests to keep their hands, arms, feet, and legs inside the ride vehicle at all times. Cast members also follow specific rules and guidelines when it comes to securing guests into their seats before the ride begins.


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One of Disney’s most iconic attractions at both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort is Star Tours – The Adventure Continues. Guests can find the fun ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Disney World and at Disneyland Park in Disneyland. There are also versions of Star Tours at the Tokyo Disney Resort and Disneyland Paris.

Star Tours The Adventure Continues

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The flight simulator ride takes guests on thrilling journeys throughout the Star Wars universeThere are multiple storylines that guests can get, so each ride is different. You could encounter Darth Vader, and help Poe Dameron. Even join a speeder bike chase or compete in a pod race. There is also a chance that you could be picked to be the rebel spy (shhh… don’t tell anyone!).

Star Tours The Adventure Continues

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When boarding the Star Tours StarSpeeder, guest file into their assigned rows. Once settled, guests will snap their seatbelt into place. Typically, the seatbelts will snap into place relatively quickly. They then tighten into place when the cast member has made sure that everyone is buckled in.

Star Tours The Adventure Continues

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And one dad is going viral for his reaction to the seatbelts not tightening fast enough.

X (formerly Twitter) user VeloiciJP shared a video of a man repeatedly telling his son to get up and exit the ride. The son repeatedly says no and doesn’t want to leave. The father says that he isn’t risking his son’s “health.” The young boy stands his ground and tells his dad, “You can go.”

craziest star tours EVER

boarded 254p, didnt start til 305p

this dad was yelling my sons’ wont lock! kid was saying dad please stop… cm & guests saying “pls sit down, its not locked yet”

when it started, the spy was the kid who got off? everyone died laughing. shoutout cm?

The man is then informed that the seatbelts haven’t been programmed to lock yet. That doesn’t matter to the frustrated dad, even when his son says, “See?” The dad walks off of the ride, but his son remains in his seat as the video cuts. A cast member ended up putting a cover over the boy’s seat, but JP did not confirm if it was actually broken.

According to JP, the boy eventually got off the attraction. In an ironic twist, he ended up being the rebel spy.

Star Tours The Adventure Continues

Credit: Disney

If you are ever riding a Disney attraction and think that there is something wrong with your seat, please notify a cast member immediately. The cast member will take a look at your seat and, if there is a problem, they will block the seat, so it won’t be used again until it is fixed. They will then move you to another seat. If there is not another seat available, they will put you at the front of the line, so you can board with the next group.

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