Another Classic Disney Attraction Getting a Major Update Next Year

Country Bear Musical Jamboree update
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Walt Disney World in Florida is never finished. The theme park reimagines its experiences constantly to stay fresh or evolve with the times. Furthermore, it constantly adds exciting new attractions to keep vacationers visiting the parks. Recently, a nostalgic and beloved attraction got an announcement that it will be undergoing an exciting new change next year!

Frontierland retheme at Magic Kingdom

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A Classic Disney Attraction

The Country Bear Jamboree, a well-recognized Disney attraction located in the Frontierland area, is beloved for its timeless charm. Featuring a cast of endearing animatronic bears with distinct personalities, this classic show offers catchy country music and a nostalgic atmosphere. Its enduring popularity is attributed to its all-ages appeal, indoor comfort during adverse weather, and cultural significance as a showcase of Audio-Animatronics technology and Walt Disney’s commitment to immersive storytelling. In essence, the Country Bear Jamboree is the perfect example of classic Disney attractions holding cherished memories for visitors.

The Country Bear Jamboree has not received significant new acts or updates since its initial debut in the early 1970s. The show has maintained its original format and characters throughout the years, and any changes made were typically related to technical maintenance and repairs rather than introducing new acts. However, that is about to change!

Country Bear jamboree

Credit: Disney

Country Bear Musical Jamboree Update

During the 2023 D23 event, a major announcement was made about the Country Bear Jamboree. The attraction will receive a “whole new act” next year in 2024, changing to the Country Bear Musical Jamboree. New songs and classic Disney tunes will be added, including the beloved “Bare Necessities” with a country flair previewed at D23.

Not much additional information was provided, but fan reactions were mixed. While it is exciting to see the show get a refresh, some comments on social media are sad their nostalgic songs and experiences will likely undergo a major change or disappear entirely.

This isn’t even the only classic attraction being reimagined at Walt Disney World. The theme park recently closed down its beloved Splash Mountain ride and is in the process of converting it to a new attraction based on Disney’s The Princess and the Frog (2009) film. This new experience is called Tiana’s Bayou Adventure and is expected to launch next year.

Disney Fantaic will continue to update as more information is revealed on this new Country Bears Musical Jamboree update. Hopefully, Disney can keep the nostalgic experience alive in its new format.

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