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Disney Retires Controversial 53-Year-Old Disney Character; Opts for Politically Correct Replacement

Disney Mickey and Minnie

At the end of January, Disney fans bid farewell to one legendary attraction, the Country Bear Jamboree show. This beloved show has always been a treasured part of the Walt Disney World Resort experience, bringing joy and laughter to Disney park visitors for decades. However, change is a constant in the world of theme parks, and as the show takes ...

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Another Classic Disney Attraction Getting a Major Update Next Year

Country Bear Musical Jamboree update

Walt Disney World in Florida is never finished. The theme park reimagines its experiences constantly to stay fresh or evolve with the times. Furthermore, it constantly adds exciting new attractions to keep vacationers visiting the parks. Recently, a nostalgic and beloved attraction got an announcement that it will be undergoing an exciting new change next year! A Classic Disney Attraction ...

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Disney World Attractions You Only Ever Need to Do Once

Only Do Once feature image

Any contested Disney fanatic knows firsthand that there is no shortage of iconic must-do attractions to be found throughout both Disneyland Resort in California as well as within Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Some rides and attractions have grown to become cult-classic Disney rites of passage throughout the ages, while others aren’t necessarily antiquated endeavors per se, but have ...

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Three Replacements for The Country Bear Jamboree

Country Bear Jamboree Replacement

Let’s be honest, out of all of the “untouchable” yet extremely dated attractions at Magic Kingdom Park, The Country Bear Jamboree is the one that should go the way of the dodo first. But there is no reason to remove such an icon if we do not have another potentially iconic attraction to take its place. So what could replace ...

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Disney Character Comforts Children During Hurricane Ian

hurricane ian country bear jamboree

Hurricane Ian caused a wide variety of damage and danger in the state of Florida (and beyond) recently as the hurricane and tropical storm threatened Florida residents and Walt Disney World Resort or Universal Orlando Resort Guests’ safety. However, some Disney magic was still present during the hurricane — so much so that at least one Disney Fairy Tale Wedding ...

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Solutions For When You Need a Mid-Day Rest at The Magic Kingdom

Cover Take a Rest

It’s the middle of the day at Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park, and you can already feel the effects of that morning coffee wearing off. The kids are getting a little whiny and restless, and everyone could do with just a bit of a break. But you’re at Disney! This is the experience of a lifetime, and you don’t want to ...

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Must-Do Pursuits During Your First Time Visiting Magic Kingdom Park

Family visiting Magic Kingdom

Congratulations! You are on your first-ever visit to Walt Disney World Resort. And your very first stop is none other than the iconic Magic Kingdom Park that you’ve heard so much about. As the ultimate rite of passage, Disney’s Magic Kingdom is just overflowing with magical must-dos and endless enchanted endeavors that you just have to experience for yourself. But ...

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OpEd: Three ‘Untouchable’ Disney Park Attractions That Can be Replaced

Disney attractions

As Disney Fans get closer and closer to the day they will have to say goodbye to Splash Mountain–at least, in its original form–Walt Disney Imagineers are making it clear that Disneyland and Magic Kingdom attractions thought to be ‘untouchable’ are not safe from potential retheming or outright replacing. The same thing is happening across the Pacific as the Tokyo ...

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Disney’s Lost Plans to Build a Ski Resort

Concept for Disney Mineral King

Once upon a time, the existing Mineral King section of today’s Sequoia National Park today was slated to become the site of the Walt Disney Company’s next big venture. Disney had already been vastly successful with its revolutionary Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California, and had additional plans in the works for establishing a larger, similarly minded East Coast follow-up. But ...

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