Guest Issues Warning for Sailing on a Disney Cruise Right Now

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The cruising industry has very much gone back to normal after the hardships suffered from the COVID-19 pandemic. While the virus literally shut down the popular vacation choice for a long time, the ships are operating at full capacity again. Disney Cruise Line, in particular, has seen a massive recovery during this time. It even launched a successful new ship with the Disney Wish. However, guests have warned about a current hazard trending on some sailings recently.

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The COVID-19 Pandemic and the Cruise Industry

Reports of an uptick in COVID-19 infections worldwide are on the rise currently. While the world has largely embraced a semblance of normalcy with the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, the specter of the virus continues to haunt the cruising industry very hard. However, this hasn’t stopped guests from coming back in droves.

The history of COVID-19’s relationship with cruise ships is a contentious one. At the onset of the pandemic, these floating paradises became emblematic of the virus’s rapid spread. Cruise ships, including those of Disney Cruise Line, saw outbreaks onboard, leading to an unprecedented suspension of operations and worldwide travel restrictions.

In response, the cruise industry implemented stringent health and safety protocols. Disney Cruise Line was meticulous in these efforts. Measures such as enhanced sanitation, reduced guest capacity, and intense testing requirements were implemented to create a secure environment for passengers and crew members. Many of these measures are no longer in effect as the pandemic ended.

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Disney Cruise and COVID-19

Despite these lulls in concern, recent reports from passengers returning from cruises indicate a warning of interest. Many have reported feeling unwell during or shortly after their cruise, with some subsequently testing positive for COVID-19.

One guest who recently sailed on the Disney Wish issued a warning on social media, urging fellow travelers to exercise caution. Their message on the r/DCL subreddit said that many people on their Disney Wish cruise sailing got COVID-19 on board or shortly after leaving. They saw a lot of families mentioning it on the sailing’s Facebook group after disembarking.

Just got back from our cruise on the Wish last week, and on the cruises Facebook group, a lot of families got sick or getting diagnosed this weekend with COVID.

Make sure that you wash your hands and watch what you touch.

Be cautious if you are going on a cruise soon, a lot of people got COVID on my cruise.
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While many no longer see COVID-19 as a problem or threat, it is still annoying to get for most people. This is especially true while trying to enjoy a cruise vacation. Trust us, the experience can be miserable. The importance of maintaining hygiene practices, such as regular handwashing and conscientious handling of surfaces, is particularly important while on a ship.

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The threat of COVID-19 has not vanished entirely. Cruise lines, including Disney, remain committed to passenger safety. However, as the recent incidents on the Disney Wish highlight, the virus’s unpredictable nature demands continued caution and awareness. This is also not unique to Disney Cruise Line. Almost all major cruise ships currently deal with increased COVID-19 cases, but no one wants to talk about it anymore, so the issue is often kept quiet.

This should not stop anyone from going on their Disney cruise. It is the trip of a lifetime! However, make sure to take the extra steps, be aware, and be courteous to those around you should you feel ill.

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