Disney Cruise Line Appoints Bahamian Native in Charge of Castaway Cay

Disney Cruise Castaway Cay

Disney Cruise Line’s private island destination is officially under new management: Earle Bethell from Nassau.

New to the Disney Cruise Line family, Bethell assumes the role of Island Operations Director after gaining 36 years of leadership experience in island and Resort management. According to Disney’s press release, he will be in charge of the island’s day-to-day operations as well as serve as the on-island representative with the local government agencies.

Castaway Cay

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“We are delighted to welcome Earle Bethell to the Disney Cruise Line team,” said Ozer Balli, Vice President, Hotel Operations, Disney Cruise Line. “Earle’s extensive operations background, strong leadership skills, and commitment to delivering an extraordinary guest experience provide us with a distinctive advantage as we expand our operations in The Bahamas.”


Credit: Disney

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“In the few weeks I’ve been in this role, I’ve had the pleasure of working with incredibly talented Bahamian crew members here at Disney Castaway Cay,” said Bethell.

“Like many of our guests, they have a special connection to our brand as well as a dedication to creating unique and memorable experiences that exceed our guests’ expectations.”

Bethell also comes with his own experience as a Disney Guest, visiting Walt Disney World Resort as he grew up.

“Now, I get to be part of the team creating magical moments at Disney Castaway Cay while also sharing our Bahamian culture with guests from around the globe,” said Bethell. “Joining this team, living and working on this beautiful island and seeing our crew members make our guests smile each day – it’s a dream come true for me.”

While Disney Cruise Line’s ambitions have spread to include five cruise ships and adventurous routes throughout Europe, Alaska, and soon Australia and New Zealand, its foundation remains rooted in The Bahamas. All of its cruise ships are registered in The Bahamas, 75% of Disney’s cruises feature at least one stop in The Bahamas, and it is estimated that Disney Cruise Line operations generate $70 million annually for The Bahamas’ GDP.

Castaway Cay

Credit: Disney

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Castaway Cay is a Bahamian island and an award-winning cruise destination. Disney Cruise Line is committed to filling all available positions on Castaway Cay with Bahamians.

We at Disney Fanatic will continue to update our readers on Disney Cruise Line news and stories as more developments come to light.

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