“Disney Doubles” – Check Out These Cast Member TWINS!

Cast Member Twins
Images Credit: Disney

It’s a rare date today… February 2, 2022… or 2/2/22! That’s a lot of twos and a date we’ll never have a chance to enjoy again. So, of course, Disney is celebrating the occasion! Check out these “Disney Doubles”, as this one is all about Cast Member TWINS!

A few Disney twins you may know from Disney fandom would include Star Wars Luke and Leia, High School Musical‘s Sharpay and Ryan, and even Alice in Wonderland‘s Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. But, Disney is taking 2/2/22 one step further with an appreciation for its Cast Members that are twins.

Grant & Caroline

Disney Double - Twin Cast Members
Grant & Caroline (Credit: Disney)

Ready, let’s begin with Cast Member twins, Grant and Caroline. Grant works in Entertainment while Caroline works in Park Communication. Grant shares, “Having done a Disney College Program before me, Caroline was huge in helping me anchor myself and feel more connected to other Cast Members. I felt more at home and am blessed to have her in my life!”

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Scott & Michael

Disney Double - Twin Cast Members
Scott & Michael (Credit: Disney)

Next up, hello, Scott & Michael! Both Scott and Michael are full-time Industrial Engineers. As Industrial Engineers, Michael, Scott, and their team use science, technology, engineering, and math concepts to help make a visit to Walt Disney World as magical and seamless as possible. “We both support unique aspects of the Resort from within the Industrial Engineering department and are so thrilled we are able to do so together!”  

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Raeven & Tyler

Disney Double - Twin Cast Members
Raeven & Tyler (Credit: Disney)

This set of Entertainment Cast Member twins, Raeven and Tyler, are identical twins working for Disney Entertainment. They share, “We wanted somewhere we could work together, carpool, and share each other’s days.”

Jeanette & Jenny

Disney Double - Twin Cast Members
Jeanette & Jenny (Credit: Disney)

Ok, we’re not sure we’d be able to tell Jeanette and Jenny apart! Not only are they identical twins, but Jeanette and Jenny also have identical roles at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Food and Beverage. “Even though people sometimes mistake who’s who, we love working together.” 

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Cliff & Clay

Disney Double - Twin Cast Members
Cliff & Clay (Credit: Disney)

Check out this talented duo! Clay is a Music Producer and Conducts the Candlelight Processional at EPCOT, and Cliff is an Entertainment Manager at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. “We have been best friends since birth and being able to work for a company that we love so much- well, there’s not much that could beat it. We’ve even been able to do some pretty incredible things, like perform together here at Walt Disney World Resort and in Tokyo Disneyland.”  

Carter & Delaney 

Disney Double - Twin Cast Members
Carter & Delaney (Credit: Disney)

Say hello next time you spot Carter and Delaney in the Disney Parks! Carter is a Custodial Cast Member at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Delaney is a Merchandise Cast Member at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. “The theme parks hold some of the best memories of our lives. Being a twin is something that is very special to us and we wouldn’t change it for a thing.” 

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Julianna & Carmela 

Disney Double - Twin Cast Members
Julianna & Carmela (Credit: Disney)

Last but not least on the list of “Disney Doubles” are Julianna and Carmela. Carmela works in Disney Marketing and Julianna works in Disney Sales for Disney Vacation Club. When asked about reading each other’s minds, the answer is… “That is the burning question. If I am thinking of something and Carmela says it, it’s super weird. It just happens to be a ‘power’ we can’t control!” 

Enjoy celebrating 2/2/22, Disney fans! A huge thanks to ALL the Cast Members in and around the Disney Parks who keep providing that special Disney magic… or well, DOUBLE the magic in this case.

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