Disney Earnings Show People Still Want Disney Whatever the Cost

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The Walt Disney Company announced that it experienced a record-breaking year for its theme parks.

Disney states in its report: “Operating income growth at our domestic parks and experiences was due to higher volumes and increased Guest spending, partially offset by the cost of inflation, higher operations support costs, and costs for new Guest offerings.”

Magic Kingdom Fireworks
Credit: Disney

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Higher volumes were due to increases in attendance, cruise ship sailings, which included a benefit from the July 2022 launch of the Disney Wish, and occupied room nights… Guest spending growth was due to an increase in average per capita ticket revenue driven by the introduction of Genie+ and Lightning Lane in the fires quarter of the current fiscal year.”

In other words, more Guests are flocking to Disney Parks and are spending more while they are there. But how can that be? How many people have said that “Disney has Lost Its Magic” and protested the costly changes?

Cast Member with Bob Chapek on Starcruiser
Cast Member with Bob Chapek on Starcruiser (Credit: Disney)

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Well, turns out that people are just that desperate to visit the Theme Parks, and they want to go back to the cruise ships. Whatever magic Disney was available, they wanted it and were willing to pay whatever it cost.

We can all be upset that the cost of a Disney Day is getting more expensive, that Annual Passes may not have the same power that they used to, and the overall quality of the experience is getting less. But we have to accept the fact that if we are not going to go, then the other Disney Fanatics clearly will.

Disney Fantasmic with Mickey Mouse
Credit: Disney

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