Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Is Going Green


Although autumn is in full swing and red, orange, gold, or copper colors have been all the rage when it comes to Disney Halloween weddings or fall-themed Disney weddings at the Disney Parks, Disney Fairy Tale Weddings has predicted that “emerald green” is going to take over this winter–and Disney’s boutique wedding planning service is wasting no time in planning ahead for that color’s time in the limelight! Disney Weddings said the following on Instagram: “As we head into the colder months, emerald green is anticipated to be a popular wedding color! Whether you build your color palette around this luxurious hue or you incorporate it as an accent color – we think emerald green is perfect for weddings!” Disney Weddings shared the following photos (of a sample reception, presumably) alongside their ‘green’ statement.

Credit: Disney Weddings Instagram

Green is typically an underappreciated color when it comes to wedding decor, with hues like pink, blue, white, red, and orange taking the stage while emerald green serves as the backdrop in the bouquets. But Disney Weddings has taken green for a spin in a unique way, by trying it in napkin colors, in unique ‘dusty’ green curtains, and in crisp tropical bouquets. As it turns out, this color could actually well for several different wedding themes or seasons–and it could also work well for Disney princess weddings!

Credit: Disney Weddings Instagram 

With its green backdrop, rosy settee, and soft florals, we could definitely see the reception above being ideal for a Briar Rose wedding, a Snow White wedding, or perhaps even a ‘Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea’ wedding! The latter might be obscure by comparison, but the ‘Little Mermaid’ sequel’s aesthetic definitely matches that green and pink motif beautifully.

Credit: Disney Weddings Instagram

Emerald green is definitely a color that shines when it’s on a team: when it’s paired with softer hues, it looks whimsical or refined, but when it’s accompanied by brighter golds and pinks like in the last image, emerald green looks perfect for a tropical wedding or a Princess Aurora reception! Would you use emerald green in your Disney Fairy Tale Wedding–or perhaps adopt it as your greenery in a winter wedding atop the Canadian Rockies?

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